What makes a winner?

Winning features of the CF and XF

Why were the DAF New CF & XF awarded the title ‘International Truck of the Year 2018’?


In 2018, DAF won the International Truck of the Year (IToY) award for the fifth time with the CF and XF. The trucks scored highest on a number of key points, setting a new standard in driveline efficiency and overall performance. By getting the maximum amount of power out of every drop of fuel, both the CF and XF are leading the way in transport efficiency.


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7% lower

7% higher fuel efficiency

The CF and XF feature completely new powertrains with multi-torque PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines, the latest generation of automated TraXon gearboxes and highly efficient rear axles. They also incorporate new compact aftertreatment systems, advanced powertrain software and aerodynamic optimisations. All this results in increased fuel efficiency of up to 7%.


Higher payloads

A new, highly efficient yet ultra-compact Emission Aftertreatment System (EAS) saves 50 kg in weight. Optimised engines and a well thought out chassis deliver further weight savings. Depending on axle configuration, these features can lower vehicle weight by up to 100 kg. This allows higher payloads, which are especially important in applications where every kilogram counts.

The new standard

  • New CF Lineup

    The New CF

    A versatile allrounder. The ideal truck for a multitude of applications: from construction to distribution. Sturdy, strong and efficient. Providing a tailored solution for every transport need.

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  • New xF Lineup

    The New XF

    The benchmark for long-distance transport. Developed for maximum transport efficiency with powerful PACCAR engines, a well thought out chassis, an attractive exterior design and a spacious interior.

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Higher vehicle uptime

The CF and XF are even more reliable than their Euro 6 predecessors. In the new electric and electronic architecture, wiring and connections have been reduced and simplified to increase reliability. These and many other enhancements extend service intervals to as much as 200,000 km leading to maximum vehicle availability and lower cost of ownership.


Superb driver comfort

Warm, tasteful colours give the interior of the cab an attractive, high-end appearance while the advanced climate control system ensures a cosy environment regardless of external conditions. The instrument panel is beautifully clear, delivering comprehensive information at a glance to enhance driver performance. The CF and XF offer the biggest interior space available on the market and the best and largest bunks.

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Configure your winner

Efficiency starts with the right choice of truck, tailored to your specific application. Configure your cab, colour, exterior, driveline, chassis and more with the 3D DAF Truck Configurator on your tablet, laptop or desktop pc.