18 December 2013 | Eindhoven

DAF expands Euro 6 CF & XF series

A tailored vehicle for every application

Following the start of production of the first CF and XF Euro 6 tractor variants (4x2 and 6x2 with second steered axle) earlier this year, DAF is now further expanding the range including a complete range of three-axle rigids with trailing, second steered or tandem axles. The air suspension has been completely redeveloped, offering great advantages for applications with swap-body systems, such as the BDF, which is popular in Germany.

The 4x2 tractor variants of the new DAF Euro 6 XF and CF entered production in April and June, followed by the 6x2 tractors with second steered axles (FTG) and the first 4x2 rigid models. Now it's the turn of the 6x2 rigids with single or dual-mounted trailing axle (FAR and FAS), rear steered axle (FAN) and second steered axle (FAG), followed by a complete range of trucks with double-drive tandem.