07 September 2017 | Eindhoven | DAF Trucks N.V.

New CF and XF Multi Axle Trucks available

DAF Truck Line Up complete!

The New CF and New XF range is complete. DAF Trucks has added 11 tractor and rigid axle configurations to its new line up; eight 2, 3 and 4 axle rigids and three 3 and 4 axle tractors. The new trucks are up to 7% more fuel-efficient, are at least 100 kg lighter which enhances payloads, have integrated body builder modules to shorten body building time and provide best in class jobsite performance. DAF now has a complete set of industry leading work trucks for its customers and is proud to offer them the highest performing custom-made solutions for every application.

The New CF and New XF range is complete
01 2017 New CF and New XF XF FAN Pure Excellence 1920
DAF launched the New CF and New XF just before the summer. What sets this series of new trucks for regional distribution and the long-haul apart are the completely new and innovative down-speeding powertrains; the result of optimal integration between engine, after treatment, transmission and rear axles. The new powertrains deliver extra high torque at impressively low revs. This combination results in a reduction in fuel consumption over long distances of up to 7%. Similarly, the latest range of multi-axle tractors and rigids is also equipped with these new powertrains and are up to 100 kg lighter on average, resulting in turn in higher payloads.

02 2017 New CF and New XF CF FAD Pure Excellence 1920
New electro-hydraulic steered trailing axles

One of the most important innovations within the New CF and XF program is the new trailing axle for both tractors and rigids that facilitates maximum manoeuvrability. 

The new trailing axle incorporates a newly developed EHS steering system (Electric Hydraulic Steering) which is 30 kg lighter, resulting in extra payload. The steering is also very precise because the EHS continuously calculates the optimal steering angle for the rear axle wheels on the basis of speed and wheelbase. The resulting benefits are most noticeable when driving through urban areas and manoeuvring the truck. The minimizing of friction losses and the fact that the steering pump is only activated while steering results in an additional 1% reduction in fuel consumption. 

At speeds of over 45 km/h, the axle locks itself in the straight forward position and guarantees maximum vehicle stability and supports excellent fuel efficiency. In addition, the trailing axle steering system contains significantly fewer components, which supports first class robustness and reliability. 

A new air suspension is now available for 6x2 axle configurations with the advanced steer trailing axle as well. The result is the New CF and XF FAN can be quickly lowered by 90 millimetres and lifted 185 millimetres for fast and reliable loading and unloading of swap bodies.

The new steered trailing axle can be fitted on 6x2 rigids and tractors as well as 8x2 rigids. 

New dual-mounted trailing axles
DAF is also introducing a new dual-mounted 10 ton trailing axle, which has a static load capacity of no less than 34 tons. This is highly valuable when loading and unloading heavy containers. The new axle has reduced kerb weight by 25 kgs. When combined with the other New CF and XF weight reductions, this results in an overall 125 kgs of additional payload.

DAF's new dual-mounted trailing axle can be fitted on 6x2 tractors and rigids, as well as 8x2 rigids. 

New double-driven tandem with hub reduction
For vehicles that regularly drive off-road, DAF is presenting a new double-driven tandem with hub reduction (HR1670T). This axle set boasts a completely new
cast-iron axle housing that provides an extra weight reduction of 60 kg. 

In order to achieve the highest possible fuel efficiency, even faster final drive ratios (3.46, 3.61, 3.76:1) are available. These ratios allow the engine to operate at even lower revs. To ensure the lowest possible operational costs, oil-change intervals for the new tandem set have been raised to 3 years or 450,000 kilometres.

The new dual driven tandem with hub reduction is available on 6x4 and 8x4 tractors and rigids for heavy duty applications. This range includes the FAD 8x4 rigid with two steered front axles for the transport of sand and gravel. In this model the SCR unit is no longer integrated in the vertical exhaust. Instead it is in the new EAS unit, which thanks to its compact dimensions can fit entirely between both front axles. This redesign results in a 115 kgs reduction in weight and more chassis space.

New lightweight 8x4 chassis throughout Europe
The lightweight CF FAD 8x4 mixer chassis is now available with a 19-ton single reduction (SR1132T) tandem and two 7 ton front axles. This cost effective high performing chassis which is popular in the United Kingdom is now available throughout Europe. As a result of the optimization of the steering system and the suspension, the use of disc brakes and the new compact EAS unit with vertical tail pipe, the kerb weight of this lightweight truck is a mere 9,150 kgs, which sets the benchmark for its class. The unique mixer chassis comes with the new PACCAR MX-11 engine, in power ratings from 270 to 330 kW (370 to 450 hp).

New CF and XF rigids: highest body builder friendliness 

DAF has introduced important enhancements to the chassis for industry-leading body builder friendliness. The new Body Attachment Modules (BAM) play an important role in the speedy fitting of a boxed body, a heavy crane, tipper or hook lift system. The new and extended hole pattern in the rear-end of the chassis facilitates easy fitment of tail lifts, cranes and boxed bodies and also makes it easy to relocate components or mount a draw bar installation or underrun protection. As a result, the new hole pattern saves body builder costs while shortening vehicle lead-times.

Ultra-compact EAS: extra chassis layout options and extra payload
The new rigid chassis benefits from the ultra-compact EAS of the New CF and XF. The EAS can now be fitted in its entirety (i.e. as one single unit) between the first and second front axles (in the FAC, FAX and FAD). This makes it possible to use the space behind the second front axle for the addition of crane legs, toolboxes or extra (fuel) tanks and results in increased frame layout options and extra payload, thanks to its 50 kgs lower weight.

Innovative Battery Energy Monitoring System 
Another new feature is the innovative Battery Energy Monitoring system - BEM for short. This optional system uses a newly developed sensor to measure the exact charging conditions of the battery, and is even able to take environmental conditions into account to ensure the vehicles are ready to work and have the highest availability. 

New PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines
In line with the DAF Transport Efficiency philosophy, every effort has been made to obtain the maximum performance from every drop of fuel. The PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines have been given a complete makeover. An important objective during the development of the new powertrains was the reduction of engine revs: ‘down speeding’. After all, lower revs means lower fuel consumption. At the same time, the maximum torque of the PACCAR engines was increased significantly, with the maximum torque now available at an amazing 900 revs per minute.
04 2017 New CF and New XF CF Construction Ghostview Pure Excellence 1920.
The power of almost every powertrain rose by 7 kW/10 hp to 14 kW/20 hp, while the torque for all of the new engines was increased by 50 to 200 Nm. Furthermore, DAF applies ‘Multi Torque’ on the New CF and XF, which results in the release of an additional 100 to 150 Nm in the highest gear. This allows driving for longer periods in the highest gear, which in turn optimises fuel consumption and maximises performance.
The newest TraXon: faster and less friction
The new PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines are combined as standard with the latest generation TraXon automated gearboxes. These transmissions have lower friction loss and are characterized by an extremely smooth gear shifting behaviour. Specific shifting strategies are available for Standard Transport, Liquid Transport, Heavy Haulage and Eco Combi’s. In the Construction models of the DAF CF FAD, FAT (rigids) and FTT (tractor) the TraXon transmission comes with an additional 
off-road setting for optimal transmission performance and clutch actuation. When activated, the TraXon shifts at higher revs and extremely fast to ensure maximum traction.

Advanced software functions for the driveline
As with the first New CF and New XF configurations introduced, the new DAF multi-axle models also boast completely new electrical and electronic architecture, featuring a new control unit to manage all powertrain components in an integrated fashion. Functionalities such as EcoRoll and Cruise Control have been expanded further, significantly increasing the vehicle’s rolling distance, and with the potential to double the contribution of EcoRoll on long distance routes.

03 2017 New CF and New XF CF FAQ Pure Excellence 1920.
Highly efficient rear axles 
An important component of the new, faster powertrains are the rear axles designed and manufactured by DAF. Faster reductions of 2.05:1 are now available, allowing to cruise at 85 km/h at only 1,000-1,040 rpm, depending on the driveline specifications. For the new generation of rear axle differentials, the crown wheel and pinion were redesigned in order to ensure optimal longevity and efficiency as well as extremely low noise levels. By applying low viscosity oil and low friction wheel ends fuel efficiency is further improved. 

With the introduction of eight 2-, 3- and 4-axle rigids and three 3- and 4-axle tractors, Pure Excellence is now the standard throughout DAF’s entirely new range of trucks. Pure Excellence expresses the DAF Transport Efficiency philosophy for achieving the lowest operational costs and highest vehicle availability. At the same time, it is synonymous for the impeccable manufacturing quality and the unmatched driver comfort of the New CF, New XF – and also the New LF.

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