Be smart with remanufactured parts

The best alternative for new parts: reliable remanufactured parts with the same warranty as new parts. That’s being responsible, smart and cost-efficient!


Remanufacturing – the responsible alternative

Even top quality parts don’t have an unlimited service life. Once a product has reached the end of its lifecycle, it’s time to replace it using comparable components – but you don’t always need to fit new parts. DAF’s remanufactured and overhauled parts offer exactly the same level of operational reliability and the same warranty period. Not to mention, the parts are also covered by DAF ITS. The price, on the other hand, is significantly lower, helping to keep the total cost of ownership low. You even reduce the use of raw materials. DAF engineers carry out the necessary disassembly work, make sure that everything is carefully cleaned, and check for even the tiniest cracks. The parts are remanufactured to the highest quality standards. Any material that is not reused is carefully secured and recycled.

Your DAF dealer has a wide range of parts available, from slack adjusters, alternators and injectors to diesel particulate filters, air compressors, short and long blocks and even complete engines and gearboxes. Not only is using remanufactured parts more costeffective, you can also be assured of the quality of the parts because they come with a genuine DAF warranty. DAF operates a parts deposit system based on faulty parts being sent to DAF via your DAF dealer. In addition to the cost benefits and the environmental aspect, another advantage is that you don’t need to wait for the part to be repaired because either your DAF dealer or DAF usually have it in stock – and the system even includes gearboxes and engine parts. You can get your truck on the road again in no time, safe in the knowledge that your replacement parts are just as reliable as DAF Genuine Parts. As these two benefits weigh heavy because even during this thriving economy, the transport sector always has to cope with small margins.