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How to finance - DAF HirePlus

PACCAR Financial offers Operating Lease bundled with a DAF Trucks Repair and Maintenance(R&M) Agreement through its HirePlus product. R&M charges are included within the monthly rental payments, spreading the cost evenly throughout the term. This allows you to remove depreciating assets from your balance sheet and reduces the financial risks of owning and maintaining vehicles.

Main characteristics of DAF HirePlus:
  • Rental agreement with a fixed duration and total kilometres 
  • Monthly rental payments including R & M charges and VAT 
  • Total monthly payments can be offset against taxable profits 
  • Ownership is with PACCAR Financial
  • Vehicle will be written down to a residual value (RV) 
  • At the end of the agreement you just give the vehicle back as per certain return conditions or request an extension if you wish to continue to use the vehicle.
Main benefits of DAF HirePlus:
  • Cash flow impact of VAT is minimized 
  • Lower monthly payments as a Residual Value(RV) is in place 
  • Improved cash flow from known monthly rentals 
  • You can reduce your tax bill by offsetting rentals against taxable profits PACCAR Financial takes the risk of ownership on the asset depreciation
  • No impact on the balance sheet of the customer 
  • No worry or risk at the end of the agreement or further extension, just give it back and pay any excess mileage and damage charges if applicable

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MultiSupport - Repair and Maintenance


PACCAR Financial can roll your repair and maintenance costs into your lease contract, as well as include other services, such as the insurance for your truck, GAP insurance, road tax and toll vignettes.

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