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What to finance - trailers

PACCAR Financial has a proven track record in the transport business. That is why we extend our expertise to the full vehicle combination.

PACCAR Financial provides a full range of finance and lease options for all truck and trailer configurations, including:
  • Curtain side / Tilt 
  • Refrigerated Box 
  • Tipper 
  • Flatbed 
  • Drop side 
  • Skeletal 
  • Tanker 
  • and others.
PACCAR Financial offer finance and lease solutions for all the main trailer makes in the market.

Besides giving you the benefit of flexible, tailor made solutions, PACCAR Financial gives you the opportunity to place your equipment finance and lease requirements for the whole vehicle combination with one company. This saves on administration costs and optimises your businesses lines of credit.

PACCAR Financial is able to offer you a tailor-made vehicle combination funding solution. Our Sales Support Team will be pleased to discuss all the possibilities with you.

Operational lease

When you choose for operational lease, you spread the purchase expense over a fixed period of time for a fixed, or in some cases variable rate.

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DAF HirePlus

PACCAR Financial offers Operating Lease bundled with a DAF Trucks Repair and Maintenance(R&M) Agreement.

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Financial lease

When you choose for financial lease, you spread the purchase expense over a fixed period of time for a fixed, or in some cases variable rate.

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All the benefits of Hire Purchase but with lower scheduled payment values and greater flexibility at the end of the contract.

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Hire purchase

Enjoy the balance sheet benefits of economic ownership of the vehicle. You can choose between a fixed or variable interest rate, whichever suits your business.

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Services that back-up PACCAR Financial

MultiSupport - Repair and Maintenance


PACCAR Financial can roll your repair and maintenance costs into your lease contract, as well as include other services, such as the insurance for your truck, GAP insurance, road tax and toll vignettes.

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