DAF Telematics


Get the best out of your DAF

DAF offer a comprehensive range of standard and optional servicing with DAF MultiSupport packages but our aim has always been to continually strive to offer more. Your new DAF can now be delivered with a Microlise telematics unit pre-installed – either when you sign up to a full Repair & Maintenance contract or simply as an optional extra – a llowing us to offer you a comprehensive telematics solution, which will empower you to get more from your fleet.

Driving style


Increase MPG, reduce costs and reduce emissionsthrough the identification of improvement opportunitiesin driving style such as idling, harsh acceleration andover-revving.

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Fleet utilisation


Get the most from your assets through real-time visibility, full measurement of usage and dynamic scheduling.

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Safety & Security


Focus on safe driving measures like contextual speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering & acceleration, helping you reduce incidents and insurance costs, as well as improve fuel economy.

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Reduce tachograph administration


Remove the administrative burden and bottlenecks associated with vehicle and driver card data downloads by remotely downloading digital driver tacho data.

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Business Intelligence


The Management Dashboard helps you analyse all of the data from your fleet and view vehicle and drive performance trends to enable better business planning. 

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Optional additional modules


DAF Telematics is the ideal platform for a range of additional services available from Microlise.

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DAF Telematics as part of your DAF MultiSupport package

With DAF MultiSupport packages, DAF Warranty Plus packages, and the organisation behind it,  we offer a comprehensive range of standard and optional servicing. With DAF MultiSupport Services you can select one of the following five pe-defined services packages:


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