DAF Transport Efficiency Driver Challenge: The Top 20

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Meet the finalists!
Each week we will reveal a handful of our top 20 finalists of the DAF Transport Efficiency Challenge 2016, who will be invited to attend an all-expenses paid two day experience and assessment at Millbrook Test Track in May 2016. 

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  • Jonathan (John) Phelps – Grundon

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    Jonathan (John) Phelps – Grundon


    “It’s a job for life…and it’s a good job.”

    As a driver for Grundon, Jonathan (John) has learnt that being a good trucker takes a mixture of experience, anticipation and most importantly patience,and with 8 years of driving under his belt, John has needed all three. Happy to drive anything, old or new, John won’t be looking to drive any differently for the driver challenge, showcasing the same knowledge and skill that has made him one of our finalists.

    See Jonathan’s video: https://youtu.be/56JPTDxS5sU

  • David Sandle – Yusen Logistics

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    David Sandle – Yusen Logistics


    “It’s nice to get the freedom of driving.”

    Since he was a little boy David has wanted to be a truck driver. Now with 19 years’ experience, David is working with Yusen Logistics on contract with Honda Manufacturing in the UK as a driver and driver assessor. David hopes that being an assessor should give him an advantage in the driver challenge. However, failing that he also has a back-up plan…

    See David’s video: https://youtu.be/7v2g98MjilA

  • Peter Edwards –Waitrose

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    Peter Edwards –Waitrose


    “My favourite road has got to be the road home.”

    A family man and driver for over 28 years, Peter recognises that every day as a driver can be different and that you never know who you’re going to meet on the road. In his time driving for Waitrose, Peter has led a nine-truck convoy right to the Queen’s front door delivering food for a banquet at Buckingham Palace. However he still harkens back to the days when he was driving his old DAF 3600, fun to drive and comfortable.

    See Peter’s video: https://youtu.be/UnWfqcdb9G0

  • Richard Baker – Aspray 24

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    Richard Baker – Aspray 24


    “My favourite thing about being a truck driver is seeing parts of the country I wouldn’t get to see in other jobs.”

    Although he may prefer quieter northern roads, in his 9 years as a driver, Richard has had to face a variety of challenges behind the wheel. Currently working for Aspray 24, the vintage DAF fan has learnt that patience and hard work are key elements to being a successful driver, as well as being able to work on your own. Richard will be bring all his experience with him to the DAF Transport Efficiency Challenge.

    See Richard’s video: https://youtu.be/HqBFkw4cKw

  • Julian Totterdell–Nagel-Langdons

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    Julian Totterdell–Nagel-Langdons


    “Being a safe and fuel efficient instructor will probably give me the edge.”

    Since 1990, Julian has been a truck driver, and with his regard for safety and fuel efficiency Julian is looking to be a real power player for the challenge. Over the last 3 years Julian has been an instructor for Somerset based distributor, Nagel-Landons, but can he practice what he preaches in the DAF Transport Efficiency Driver Challenge?

    See Julian’s video: https://youtu.be/NgxjWhCEr7g

  • Paul Barlow – Severn Trent Water

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    Paul Barlow – Severn Trent Water


    “There is no shortcut to being a good driver.”

    For over 20 years Paul has been an HGV driver, like his father before him. Currently driving for Severn Trent Water, Paul favours his Euro-6 DAF CF for its comfort and ease of use. With a mind for safety as well as efficiency, Paul is looking forward to testing himself further at Millbrook for Round 2 of the DAF Transport Efficiency Driver Challenge.

    Paul’s video: https://youtu.be/wi5BzfN7Sfs

  • Gary Furber – Morgan McLernon

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    Gary Furber – Morgan McLernon


    “A sense of humour is important on the road.”

    25 years ago Gary Furber was looking for a change in career, now as a truck driver for Morgan McLernon he hasn’t looked back! Inspired by the Scammel Pioneer trucks from his youth, Gary brings patience, awareness and a sense of humour to his driving. Will this be enough to give Gary the edge in the DAF Transport Efficiency Driver Challenge?

    See Gary’s video: https://youtu.be/apNkMHSWC38

  • Tom May – MJ May Transport

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    Tom May – MJ May Transport


    “My grandad was a driver, my dad was a driver. It’s just what I wanted to do.”

    As one of the youngest entrants in the DAF Driver Challenge, Tom May will bring a whole new level of experience to Millbrook. With 3 years of driving under his belt, Tom came 3rd place at Peterborough Truckfest last year for the hardest working truck and is confident in his abilities as a patient, polite and smart truck driver.

    See Tom’s Video: https://youtu.be/vOGwH4DPVPM

  • Russell Oliver – RT Keedwell

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    Russell Oliver – RT Keedwell


    “I’ve been around DAFs all my life, for the job I do they’re the best truck out there.”

    With over 25 years of driving, Russell Oliver has earned a huge amount of experience driving in harsh and challenging conditions, including the road from Oslo to Stavenger in the winter. Inspired by his dad to become a driver and even missing school to spend more time in his dad’s truck, Russell is looking forward to challenging himself further with the DAF Transport Efficiency Driver Challenge.

    See Russell’s Video:https://youtu.be/WUH9D7VffBY

  • Richard Henry – Mountain Transport

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    Richard Henry – Mountain Transport


    “Expect the unexpected.”

    With his positive outlook and calm attitude, Richard Henry will be bringing all of his problem solving skills forward for the DAF Transport Efficiency Driver Challenge. With 29 years of driving under his belt Richard is right to be confident. Richard’s favourite road is the A1 up to Edinburgh in his Euro-6 DAF XF, whilst listening to Classic FM.

    See Richard’s Video:https://youtu.be/9HucIky-1JM

  • Mark Pocklington – Mark Pocklington Transport

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    Mark Pocklington – Mark Pocklington Transport


    “I’ll give it everything I’ve got!”

    As the owner of his own company and with over 28 years of driving and industry experience, Mark Pocklington will be bringing his vast professionalism and experience to the challenge. Growing up in the town of Boston in the 70’s, Mark saw trucks going in and out of the docks all day long, sparking an interest which would lead Mark up and down the UK’s motorways and eventually owning his own transport company.

    See Mark’s video:https://youtu.be/kdOI-nNAKKA

  • Simon May – R.F. Martin

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    Simon May – R.F. Martin


    “I’m going to do my best to try and win”

    Inspired by his Grandad to become a truck driver, Simon has 19 years of driving under his belt. Believing in being a calm, professional and courteous driver, Simon will be bringing his confidence in manoeuvring and knowledge of legislation to the DAF Transport Efficiency Driver Challenge.

    See Simon’s Video: https://youtu.be/KtA69yF5nj8

  • Phil Cumberland – ABH Mansfield

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    Phil Cumberland – ABH Mansfield


    “I like any road that gives me a challenge.”

    Independent, professional and courteous, Phil Cumberland’s family have been involved in trucking since his uncle and father. As a driver for ABH Mansfield, Phil has gained 12 years of driving experience over a variety of different jobs. Always ready for a challenge, we’re looking forward to having Phil along for the DAF Transport Efficiency Driver Challenge.

    See Phil’s Video: https://youtu.be/FU9AglHf1Bo

  • Jonny Brown – Wolseley UK

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    Jonny Brown – Wolseley UK


    “I like being out on the open road and meeting new people.”

    As a multi-drop driver for Wolseley UK, Jonny is able to adapt to all types of vehicles as a courteous, aware and safe driver for 23 years. Ready to listen to any advice and take in as much as possible, Jonny is ready to take on the DAF Transport Efficiency Driver Challenge.

    See Jonny’s Video: https://youtu.be/vnNKXFIwUCs

  • Kevin Nicholls – Gist Limited

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    Kevin Nicholls – Gist Limited


    “There’s no better feeling than coming to work behind the wheel.”

    After 24 years behind the wheel, Kevin has learnt that being a good driver means be cool, calm, collected and making sure you get home safely. As a driver for Gist Limited, Kevin has had to learn to think on his feet, which will defiantly come in handy for the DAF Transport Efficiency Driver Challenge.

    See Kevin’s Video: https://youtu.be/lB9HBoq2P6A

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