Terms & Conditions

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By participating in the Challenge the participant agrees to the terms and conditions of DAF Transport Efficiency Driver Challenge, including the following:

1. That all personal information submitted in your application form is true and correct
2. Participating in the challenge carries no costs for the contestants
3. Contestants will not receive payment for competing in the challenge
4. That DAF Trucks may use your details to contact you only regarding the 2016 DAF Transport EfficiencyDriverChallenge and to inform you about the start of the following DAF Transport Efficiency Challenge after which your data will be deleted.
5. DAF Trucks will not share your contact details with any other parties outside of the 2016 DAF Transport Efficiency DriverChallenge nor in any future driver challenges hosted by DAF Trucks.
6. You agree to DAF Trucks taking photography and film as part of your involvement with the challenge and understand this will be used across a number of channels including online, print material and press. These materials will only be used for the promotion of the 2016 DAF Transport Efficiency DriverChallenge and any future driver challenges hosted by DAF Trucks.
7. If you are one of the twenty drivers invited to take part in the two-day assessment at Millbrook you will be required to sign a participation form which will cover the following items:
     •    Health & Safety
     •    Insurance
     •    Non-Disclosure Agreement
8. If you are selected to be one of the twenty shortlisted drivers and are unavailable to attend the assessment at Millbrook you will no longer be eligible to take part

By entering the competition DAF Trucks UK may use names and/or answers from the contestants in the 1st round in communications.

So requested, semi-finalists, finalists and winner cooperate in DAF Transport Efficiency events, press releases and other forms of media attention.

Photos, video and quotes of the semi-finalists, finalists and winner may be used in varying communications.


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