• 1 September 2018
  • Eindhoven

Replacing your DPF

A well-maintained DPF helps keep your DAF in optimum condition. 


When you are at the wheel of a DAF Euro 6 truck, you have the benefit of driving a high-quality vehicle that can go for long periods between visits to your dealer. But did you know that good Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) maintenance is essential? 

Emissions standards have become very strict in recent decades and air pollution restrictions on truck engines have increased. The DPF filters the exhaust gases produced by the exhaust system and retains the soot particles. 

Over time, the DPF will become clogged with the soot particles. A regeneration process is used to convert the soot into ash; this frees up space in the filter again, while the ash remains in your DPF. The greater the volume of soot and ash that builds up in your DPF, the more fuel will be required to perform the regeneration, and the more likely it is you will experience reduced performance. 

Can I perform the regeneration myself? 

Your dashboard displays warnings on four levels. For the first three levels, you can manage the regeneration process yourself via a button on the dashboard. The fourth and final warning signal means that the engine of your DAF is now working at just 50% of its maximum power. If this happens, we recommend that you contact your DAF dealer immediately.  

What can the DAF dealer do to help?

When a DPF service is performed, your DPF will be replaced with a previously reconditioned DPF. This means that you will not have to wait and can get back on the road again right away. Each filter will then be thoroughly cleaned and checked for any blockages. A series of measurements will be taken to check that all channels are free from soot and ash. The dealer will then establish whether the DPF is fit to perform its role within the exhaust system. If the DPF meets the criteria, it is deemed good as new and can be used again for a complete new service interval. 

The average DPF needs to be replaced every three years or after around 500,000 km, depending on usage. Keep a close eye on the warnings on your dashboard. If you are starting to see warning signals more frequently, contact your DAF dealer



Do you have any questions about your DPF or about other parts of your DAF truck? You can visit your DAF dealer at any time.