Construction configurations

DAF CF FAX (8x2)


  • Maximum manoeuvrability
  • Less friction and wear and tear when making tight turns
  • Designed for transporting heavy loads

Equipped with an 8x2 rigid chassis, the DAF CF FAX is configured with twin steered front axles and one steered trailing axle. Making it ideally suited for transporting heavy loads in one haul on paved roads where maximum manoeuvrability is required.

CF FAX is adept at negotiating tight turns for a vehicle of its size. The steered trailing axle creates less friction during manoeuvres at low speed, which results in less wear and tear and less damage to the road surface. The body builder friendly chassis and range of dedicated options also give the CF FAX added versatility to mount a heavy crane behind the cab for easy on and off loading of building materials.
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