Construction configurations

DAF CF FAG (6x2)


  • Steered pusher axle provides extra axle load capacity
  • No friction and less wear and tear when making tight turns
  • Easy manoeuvring with maximum visibility

With a 6x2 axle configuration and steered pusher axle, the CF FAG is an ideal platform for heavy demountable bodies. This robust vehicle setup ensures the heaviest of containers can be loaded on and off the vehicle safely without having to worry about overloading the rear axle when operating the loading system.

The steered pusher axle not only provides a higher axle load capacity, it also ensures no friction and less wear and tear when making tight turns at low speed. The durable design of the CF FAG is achieved through the robust bumper and chassis, while the optional rear and side cab windows provide maximum visibility for optimal safety.
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Maximise your uptime

Time is money in the construction industry, so keeping your truck on the road is vital. Our DAF MultiSupport Full R&M package offers the most comprehensive repair & maintenance coverage, enabling you to focus entirely on your core business. You can now benefit from a 15 GBP discount on your monthly rate for a DAF MultiSupport Full R&M contract.

DAF MultiSupport Full R&M


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