DAF XF FAS (6x2)


  • High axle load capacity for carrying heavy loads in one haul
  • Tandem with liftable rear axle for extra traction
  • Robust, body builder friendly chassis

The versatility of the XF FAS means it can manage a broad range of tasks to keep your business moving forward. With a flexible vehicle chassis, 6x2 axle configuration and tandem with liftable rear axle, the XF FAS makes light work of carrying big, heavy loads in one haul. All while keeping the manoeuverability of an FA (4x2) when it is not loaded or has dropped off a container.

The robust rear tandem of the XF FAS also provides high axle load capacity which allows for heavy loads to be carried and prevents overloading of the rear axle when loading a container on or off the vehicle. It also provides extra traction and less wear and tear when the rear axle is lifted. Furhtermore, the durable, body builder friendly chassis ensures it can take a few knocks during operation of the hooklift system.

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