Discover the DAF solutions for sludge gulpers



Sludge gulpers

Big and heavy. Sludge gulpers are powerful vehicles that have no problem dealing with high loading capacities, but they also have to be highly manoeuvrable. They are complex vehicles that require specialised knowledge.

Large, often huge tanks and powerful sucking and pumping equipment – these are the typical features of a sludge gulper. The chassis must be able to deal with very heavy loads and the first question this poses is: 2, 3 or 4 axles? Multiple steering axles can also be used to ensure excellent manoeuvrability and minimal surface damage.

Another essential element is the configuration regarding chassis and superstructure. Choosing the right and most powerful PTOs. Preparing the chassis for optimal placement of multiple superstructure components, the electronic communication between truck and superstructure, both analogue and via the CAN bus, the truck’s own network.

The configuration of a sludge gulper requires a high level of expertise, which your DAF dealer possesses, as well as advanced systems to help you make the right choices. In the end it’s all about one thing: the return on your investment!