Discover the DAF solutions for sweeper trucks



Sweepers trucks

Sweeper trucks occupy a special place within the wide range of vehicles designed for municipal use. Like every other truck, they must be able to operate at higher speeds, as well as smoothly and comfortably, when cleaning the streets with the engine running at a very low RPM.

One of the primary requirements of a sweeper truck is a reliable driveline that can operate perfectly at both low and high speeds: quiet, efficient and clean. And coupled with a semi-automatic or fully automatic transmission for maximum driver comfort. Also with the option of fitting the steering wheel on the pavement side of the vehicle so that the driver can closely follow the operation of the brushes.

Chassis configurations for sweeper trucks are often very specific. They depend on the specialised kind of superstructure, which often requires the fitting of a separate motor. That is why it is very important to work closely together with the superstructure builder when determining the specifications of a sweeper truck. The same applies when fitting a brush or snow shovel to the front of a sweeper truck. Everything requires a tailor-made approach.