The Ultimate in transport excellence


DAF has always led the transport industry in terms of total cost of ownership, with its focus firmly on efficiency, safety and driver comfort. With the introduction of the DAF Ultimate package, the DAF XF and CF evolve to the next level of excellence, offering the best driver comfort while satisfying the requirements of fleet managers and fleet owners. Naturally, care for the environment is an integral part of this package.


Ultimate Efficiency

Transport efficiency is key, and DAF Trucks leads the way. Through a program of continuous optimisation, we now have the most efficient vehicles on the market – cutting consumption to unprecedented levels. For example, the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System constantly checks tyre pressure, contributing to the highest possible fuel efficiency. In addition, Predictive Cruise Control determines driving conditions for up to 2 kilometres ahead. By making as much use as possible of kinetic energy, it enables additional fuel savings of up to 4%.

Ultimate Driver Comfort

The DAF Ultimate package incorporates new features for driver comfort. Automatic climate control makes for a cosy cab interior regardless of driving conditions. And with the accessories power supply, cabs can easily be fitted with all the necessities for longer overnight stays, like a parking cooler, microwave, fridge and TV. Better driver comfort results in safer driving, more fuel efficiency, lower operating costs and higher vehicle availability.


Ultimate Safety

Safety is our number one priority, resulting in many important improvements and innovations over the years such as the Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS-3). With the DAF Ultimate package, you can maximise night-time visibility and safety using LED headlights and rear lighting, as well as standard running lights to improve daytime visibility.

vehicle availability

Ultimate uptime

The latest DAF XF and CF models already offer significant vehicle availability thanks to the inclusion of features such as Tailored DAF Driver Training and Vehicle Health Monitoring. The Ultimate package increases uptime even further with a Battery Energy Management system that monitors the condition of the batteries, supporting vehicle uptime.

environmental impact

Ultimate environmental care

Clean diesel technology is simply part of our philosophy. The XF and CF can run on alternative fuels, such as odour free, biodegradable HVO, producing lower emissions, without technical adjustments or reduction in vehicle performance.

Want to know more?

DAF Ultimate package

The DAF Ultimate package for the XF and CF includes a whole range of features that
optimise safety, efficiency, and driver comfort. 


LED headlights

LED lamps consume significantly less power and protect the environment.

  • Dipped beam with 2 LEDs
  • Daytime running light with 4 LEDs
DAF headlight

Automatic cab Climate Control

All cab climate functions can be easily controlled from a single panel on the dashboard.

  • Smart air conditioning control
  • One-touch defrost and park ventilation
  • Additional control panel on cab rear wall to regulate temperature and activate the auxiliary heater

Battery Energy Monitoring System

The Battery Energy Monitoring System measures battery voltage, current, temperature and state of charge.

  • Alert on instrument panel warns driver when battery power level is critical, preventing roadside breakdowns
  • An intelligent LIN voltage regulator prevents overcharging, extending the battery’s lifespan 
DAF XF chassis battery box

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System continuously monitors the pressure and temperature of the truck tyres.

  • Information on central display warns driver if tyre pressure or temperature deviates from programmed limits
  • Protects against tyre blow-out
  • Optimises fuel consumption

Accessory power supply

For ultimate driver comfort, there’s an extra wiring loom for accessory connectors.

  • 12 V / 20 A
  • 24 V / 2x15 A + 2x40 A

Predictive Cruise Control

Predictive Cruise Control is available for vehicles with a manual or automated gearbox.

  • Integrated into vehicle’s cruise control function
  • Control switches located in the steering wheel
  • Enhances EcoRoll function for higher fuel savings
  • Uses GPS technology and detailed road map data to anticipate gradient changes
  • Regular road map updates free of charge

Rear light unit with LEDs

The rear light unit with its built-in reflector incorporates LEDs for all functions:

  • Tail lights
  • Direction indicators
  • Stop lights
  • Reversing lights
  • Rear fog lights
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Ultimate Support

For DAF customers in the UK, the Ultimate Package complements an already high level of support for operators to achieve optimum levels of efficiency and total cost of ownership. All LF, CF and XF models offered for sale in the UK include the DAF Connect online fleet management system as standard.

DAF CF and XF models are also offered for sale as standard to UK customers with a DAF MultiSupport Preventative Maintenance contract, which reduces unexpected costs and ensures the truck is always perfectly maintained. The maintenance package takes care of all necessary planned maintenance needs, safety and legal inspections. For XF models, the package is for three years up to a maximum 480,000 km, and for CF models two years up to a maximum 320,000 km.

DAF Connect

DAF Connect

All DAF models offered for sale in the UK include DAF Connect. This online fleet management system gives you real-time insight into the performance of your drivers, vehicles and logistic processes. And now with Open Platform capabilities you can keep using your current telematics platform and integrate the DAF Connect data seamlessly with your back-end systems. The Vehicle Health Monitoring functionality provides the opportunity to monitor any urgent warnings via the DAF Connect dashboard.

The DAF Connect App allows drivers to compare their trucking performance with peers. It all contributes to assessing the situation, taking the correct actions to prevent downtime, and keeping your truck on the road. In addition, remote tacho download gives fleet managers easy access to driver data to ensure legal compliance.


A total transport solution

Efficient transport involves more than just the perfect truck. Therefore, DAF offers a total transport solution. Behind DAF is a professional organisation and an international dealer network. They help you in choosing the right vehicle, arrange financing and keep your fleet in perfect condition.