ETOY 2018

Marin Pavicic

Best DAF technician in Europe

“An unbelievable feeling, I'm so proud to have won this award!”


"I'm so proud to have won this award"


The title of ‘DAF European Technician of the Year 2018’ has been won by Marin Pavicic (33), an employee of dealer Walter Aichwalder in Klagenfurt, Austria.

During the European final the eighteen finalists demonstrated their skills in a number of theoretical elements and practical cases, particularly in relation to engines and vehicle systems.

Marin was completely surprised by his victory. “An unbelievable feeling,” he says. “The assignments and tests were very difficult and I was pretty nervous. I'm so proud to have won this award!”

What does he think makes a good technician? “You have to challenge yourself every single day,” says Marin. “That's how you learn and how you become a better professional.”

ETOY 2018


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