Peter Jacobs

Peter Jacobs, Winner DAF Driver Challenge 2019


"It feels great!"


When I was 5 or 6 years old, my brother and I were already arguing who could go along with our dad. He had a mobile construction crane, powered by a DAF engine. This is where my love and passion for DAF started.

From the age of 10 I knew that I was going to drive trucks. I have been doing that for about 11 years now, of which one and a half years with other brands than a DAF. Nothing appeals to me more than driving a DAF though. Everything is perfect: the comfort, the cab, the bed, the controls ... Really everything meets my wishes.

Participating in the DAF Driver Challenge this year was a wonderful experience for me. The competition was strong and the challenges big. You really have to have a lot of knowledge and take everything into account. The fact that I won feels great. The first time that DAF organizes this international challenge and then to immediately win it, that’s wonderful! I was a bit nervous during the award ceremony; I did feel that I could finish in the top, but that I would win was a complete surprise. 

I have always loved to drive trucks and do it with a lot of passion. I actually turned my hobby into my profession.

Peter Jacobs



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