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How can you obtain an insight into your fuel consumption?

An up-to-date insight into your driving style and fuel consumption creates awareness and can mean substantial savings. Here you will find out how to obtain that insight.


Making your fuel consumption transparent

A few changes in driving behaviour can result in considerable annual savings. In order to make drivers more aware of the relationship between driving style and fuel consumption, DAF has developed software called Driving Support. Whilst on the road, the driver receives relevant information about fuel consumption and the effect of certain actions. The following two screens are displayed:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Trip info
fuel consumption
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Screen 1: Fuel consumption display

The 'Fuel consumption' screen can be activated while driving and contains the following information: current fuel consumption, consumption in the last 15 minutes and average fuel consumption over the total journey. You can also set the fuel consumption level that you want to maintain in this menu.


Screen 2: Trip info

The 'Trip info' screen provides detailed information about the journey. For example, distance, time and average speed, but also whether the truck has been idling. This gives you a good picture of what affects fuel consumption.

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Fuel saving through more conscious driving

By making a few minor adjustments, you can save up to 20% on fuel costs per year. Want to know more? Then read our article to save fuel. Alternatively, contact your DAF dealer for practical tips and advice.