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  • DAF delivers 500th truck in Jordan

    New owner chooses DAF because of low TCO and high reliability

    DAF has delivered its 500th truck to Jordan. This is a significant milestone for the Eindhoven-based truck manufacturer considering its very recent entry into the Jordanian market in 2014. The delivery of a DAF CF85 4x2 Euro-3 tractor is indicative of the strong position of DAF Trucks in Jordan, where the Dutch manufacturer now leads the market with a share of over 25%.

  • Heeps heaps praise on New DAF XF

    In just four months since receiving their global launch at the CV Show in Birmingham, DAF Trucks’ New CF and XF models being handed over to UK customers in ever-increasing numbers. The UK market leader’s order book has now topped 1450 units, as deliveries to UK operators start to ramp-up.

  • DAF delivers ‘Pure Excellence’ at RWM ‘17

    DAF Trucks arrives at RWM ’17 delivering its ‘Pure Excellence’ update to the entire DAF product range, most recently its New LF series launched at the end of August. The introduction of the New LF follows the launch of its New CF and XF stablemates at the CV Show in April, and all featuring substantial updates to engines, drivelines and cabs.

  • New CF and XF Multi Axle Trucks available

    DAF Truck Line Up complete!

    The New CF and New XF range is complete. DAF Trucks has added 11 tractor and rigid axle configurations to its new line up; eight 2, 3 and 4 axle rigids and three 3 and 4 axle tractors. The new trucks are up to 7% more fuel-efficient, are at least 100 kg lighter which enhances payloads, have integrated body builder modules to shorten body building time and provide best in class jobsite performance. DAF now has a complete set of industry leading work trucks for its customers and is proud to offer them the highest performing custom-made solutions for every application.

  • DAF Trucks participates in UK truck platooning trial

    DAF Trucks will participate in a two year truck platooning trial in the UK, led by TRL, the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory. Together with its partners, TNO, Ricardo and logistics company DHL, DAF Trucks has been selected by the UK government’s Department for Transport, in conjunction with Highways England to gain experience with truck platooning on selected routes on England’s strategic road network. The first platooning DAF test trucks are scheduled for trials in the UK in the coming months.

  • The new DAF LF Pure Excellence

    DAF introduces New LF

    DAF is introducing a large number of innovations to the LF, which will reinforce the truck's industry leading position in the 7.5 to 19-tonne class. The innovations include a new 3.8 litre PACCAR engine and the possibility to select faster drive lines for maximum fuel efficiency. At the same time, the design of the exterior and the interior is aligned with the New CF and XF and bring ‘Pure Excellence’ to the entire DAF range of vehicles.

  • DAF FAQ ‘Tridem’ offers volume deliveries for G.Owen & Sons

    Based at Newtown in mid-Wales, G.Owen & Sons, a successful family business for some 60 years, has taken delivery of a new DAF 8x2 bulk-blower. The DAF CF 440 FAQ ‘Tridem’ axle configuration has been acquired for distribution of animal feeds to farms across Wales and large parts of England.

  • LTS Distribution puts New DAF XFs on road

    LTS Distribution has put two of the first New DAF XF tractors on the road with its Birmingham based operation. Launched in the UK at the CV Show in April, the two XF 530 FTG tractors are also about to be joined by three 7.5-tonne LF and an 18-tonne CF, all from the same manufacturer, as the 50-strong fleet expands to meet business demands from the operator's growing customer base.

  • New DAF Dealer appointment in Tamworth boasts ADR and Pet. Reg. capability

    DAF Trucks has confirmed the appointment of the latest addition to its DAF Dealer network – DW Commercials in Dosthill near Tamworth. The family-run DAF service and parts location has full ADR and Pet. Reg. capability, and is strategically located close-by to one of the UK’s principal oil terminals at Kingsbury, thus providing DAF operators of hazardous goods with a one-stop-shop aftersales facility.

  • DAF Trucks rolls out New CF and XF demonstrator fleet

    DAF Trucks has delivered a fleet of New CF and XF demonstration tractor units to the DAF UK Dealer network. Following the global launch of the new trucks at the CV Show earlier this year, the new, upgraded models are about to hit UK roads.