The Values of PACCAR Connect

Open, Simple, Trusted


Connected Services are here to make your daily operations easier. PACCAR Connect is our new brand that reflects open, simple and trusted connected services with the best customer experience. PACCAR Connect is the brand of solutions for an open platform that integrates with your business partners.

PACCAR Connect - Brochure (English only)


We are open in the way we do business with you and your partners. PACCAR Connect is an open platform, so your business can use the services it needs, while taking advantage of trusted DAF truck data.

The PACCAR Connect Tablet is also open to the applications you use in daily operations, and integrates them with the live vehicle data and navigation.

We are always open to inform you about the latest changes via our Portal and Knowledge Base.



The PACCAR Connect Portal is both intuitive and adaptable. This makes it easy to operate, and customizable to your needs. It helps you customize alerts and automate reporting for more efficient transport operations.

It is easy to learn how, with step-by-step guidance and how-to videos on our Knowledge Base.

We simplify the lives of your drivers too, with single display hardware and software solutions. We also provide a unique and easy onboarding process for our data integration services.



There is no better supplier of vehicle data than DAF as the manufacturer. This ensures you have trustworthy, reliable insights into your operations at all times.

Our protected data systems store your information in a secure environment, keeping what is valuable to you safe.

Additionally, our secure mobile device management allows you to remain in complete control of what your driver sees on the mobile device to ensure your and their safety.


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