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DAF Electric range

Battery Electric Vehicles

Zero-emission transport solutions


Leading the way

Several cities have announced that in the coming years they will only allow zero-emission vehicles into their city centers in order to improve local air quality. This means that fully electric trucks have a bright future. DAF offers a full range of vehicles and dedicated affiliated services to support you to make the transition.


The right zero emission solution for a suite of applications

DAF is leading the way in Battery Electric Vehicles, or BEVs. In 2018, DAF was the first to have introduced a full battery electric CF truck on the market, of which many are in daily operations with customers.

In the meantime, DAF has introduced a full range of Battery Electric trucks, providing the right zero emission solution for a suite of applications. By planning intelligently and by recharging the batteries when the opportunity arises – sometimes as little as half an hour is enough – it is already feasible to cover 1,000 electrical kilometers per day. This illustrates the significant steps that are made regarding battery capacity and ranges.


DAF’s 4 step approach to move to Electric



Define your needs based on your specific situation


Assess how new technologies fit in your logistical operations


Define the optimal vehicle specification and charging equipment


Support you in implementation and operations


The application of fully electric trucks requires a specific way of planning and operations for our customers. DAF makes this conversion as easy as possible, including advise how an electric truck delivers the highest return on investment in the daily operation. This includes tailor-made vehicle specification through DAF’s TOPEC sales system, full route calculations, dedicated driver training and also a full range of top quality PACCAR charging stations for the most optimal integration of truck and charging equipment.


Are you ready to charge?

As part of its full ‘zero emission’ service offering, DAF provides a full range of high-end solutions to charge the batteries. These include mobile chargers with power levels from 24 kW up to 40 kW to provide maximum flexibility. Fixed charging stations are available with power levels from 20 kW up to 360 kW, of which the latter represents an ultra-fast solution that can charge vehicles at full rated power in less than two hours or fast charge two vehicles simultaneously.

Flawless communication

The integration with the DAF fully electric trucks, the charging hardware and the network software is being taken care of by DAF and its partners, who have up to ten years of experience in the advanced charging industry. Where needed, we will conduct site assessments, energy modeling and engineering at your premises. We will also maintain the charging equipment. This ensures a flawless communication between the trucks and the chargers.


Charging systems

DAF is on hand to help you select the right charging systems for your batteries. We work in close collaboration with leading suppliers and there's a wide choice of charging stations and capacities. We also develop customised training to help your drivers get the most out of your electric truck. This is just another example of how DAF does more than simply supply the best trucks.

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It’s all in the numbers

It's true that electric trucks are still more expensive than their diesel counterparts, but it's worth investigating what local and national government incentive schemes may be available to you. It's also important to work out how you can benefit from lower energy costs. No matter how you look at it, an electric truck will ultimately give you unlimited access to environmental zones, both now and in the future. Quiet, zero-emission trucks demonstrate your company’s commitment to the environment. What's more, they're good for your business and good for the world in which we live.


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