Driver comfort of the future


Premium driver comfort

A perfect accessibility, an unmatched interior space and a working and living environment featuring the luxury touch & feel of a high-class passenger car. That is what makes the New Generation DAF XD into the most comfortable distribution truck for the driver. The new range of DAF distribution trucks is setting new benchmarks in every aspect.


Easy entry and exit

We’ve looked at every aspect of the driver’s work to maximise comfort. For example, we’ve made it easy to get in and out of the New DAF XD when drivers have delivery schedules with lots of stops.

In practice this means two-step entry as standard. For larger wheel sizes (above 315/70) three steps allow drivers to enter the vehicle with ease.

The door swings open widely, unveiling logically positioned A- and B-pillar handrails. For optimal accessibility the steering wheel can very easily be fixed in an upright parking position. And once inside, what an amazing interior awaits the driver!


Excellent working and living space

We’ve seized every opportunity to give drivers in the distribution segment exceptional levels of space, comfort and ease of use. The cab interior, seats, beds, driveline and suspension deliver a superb environment for driving, working, daily administration and resting.


Fully digital dashboard displays

Eye-catcher on the dashboard is the large, 12” fully digital display which shows all vehicle-related information. The driver can easily opt for a classic or modern design as well as the level of information presented, using the rotation thumb wheel on the steering wheel. The central display is configurable for each and every driver to personal preferences and taste, giving all room for personalization.


Information and warnings from the driver assistance systems have a central position on the bright 12” instrument cluster display. These include traffic and navigation information as well as warnings from for instance AEBS-3 and the Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Warning Systems.

DAF Infotainment System

The optional 10-inch display alongside the steering wheel offers phone mirroring, infotainment, navigation and more. The DAF Infotainment System is available in four different variants with increasing media and information options. Three high-end audio packages with superb sound quality add the icing on the cake.


Tremendous driveability

The New Generation XD represents a major step forward in driving and handling. Increased torque in top gear makes the PACCAR MX-11 extremely efficient and driveable. At the same time, the new TraXon gearbox makes manoeuvring much easier and more precise.

Improved functionalities include automated drive-off gear and Urge-to-Move where the brake pedal is used to launch the vehicle. The Rock-Free function helps free a stuck vehicle by gently applying the accelerator pedal. These features make a manual gearbox completely unnecessary.

Smoothest ride in the market

The longer cab length allows a new front chassis design with high torsional stiffness, which contributes to exceptional driver comfort. In addition, the New Generation XD has a completely updated cab suspension, new front frame design and new cabin roll stabilizer bushing. All this helps reduce vibration in the driveline, seats and steering, and boosts comfort even further. The design of the rear axle suspension ensures a superior ride and great handling.


Extremely quiet

Thanks to the optimised cab shape and extensive door seals, wind noise is kept to an absolute minimum. As a result, interior noise levels are phenomenally low, helping drivers stay alert for longer. Get in and experience the silence!