DAF XF Electric

New Generation DAF XF Electric

Driving zero emissions


Ready for the fully electric future

More and more European municipalities are announcing that, in the future, only zero-emission vehicles will be allowed on inner-city roads. As a result, fully electric trucks will become a must for transport companies operating in urban areas. The New Generation DAF XF can be fitted with a fully electric PACCAR e-powertrain enabling you to meet new regulations and contribute to healthier cities. PACCAR e-powertrains have been fully tested and consist of efficient and reliable e-motors in combination with a choice of powerful battery packs for tailor-made ranges. This offers highest flexibility and makes the DAF XF Electric into the best possible solution for ‘zero emission’ distribution and vocational applications.


State-of-the-art electric engines

The advanced DAF XF Electric trucks are powered by the efficient and reliable PACCAR EX-D2 permanent magnet e-motors, which offer outputs from 270 kW/370 hp to 350 kW/480 hp. To perfectly tailor these electric vehicles to your needs and application, a full range of battery packs is available, resulting in ‘zero emission’ ranges of almost 500 kilometers on a single charge.

DAF XF Electric ghostview
Vehicle type e-Motor Engine output Torque # battery packs Output battery pack
DAF XF Electric PACCAR EX-D2 270 kW (370 hp) 1370 Nm 3 to 5 packs 315 kWh to 525 kWh
DAF XF Electric PACCAR EX-D2 310 kW (420 hp) 1370 Nm 4 or 5 packs 420 kWh or 525 kWh
DAF XF Electric PACCAR EX-D2 350 kW (480 hp) 1370 Nm 4 or 5 packs 420 kWh or 525 kWh
DAF XF Electric

Bodybuilder friendliness

Thanks to flexible and modular packaging of the batteries on the chassis, the New Generation DAF XF Electric offers industry leading bodybuilder friendliness. Battery packs can be optimally tuned to the vehicle’s application, leaving ample space for side loader superstructures and crane legs for instance. A 650V e-PTO is available as an option for powering auxiliary equipment such as an electric cooling installation for temperature-controlled transport or an electro-hydraulic crane. This eliminates the need of a separate generator.


Are you ready to charge?

As part of its full ‘zero emission’ service offering, DAF provides a full range of high-end solutions to charge the batteries. These include mobile chargers with power levels from 24 kW up to 40 kW to provide maximum flexibility. Fixed charging stations are available with power levels from 20 kW up to 360 kW, of which the latter represents an ultra-fast solution that can charge vehicles at full rated power in less than two hours or fast charge two vehicles simultaneously.

Flawless communication

The integration with the DAF fully electric trucks, the charging hardware and the network software is being taken care of by DAF and its partners, who have up to ten years of experience in the advanced charging industry. Where needed, we will conduct site assessments, energy modeling and engineering at your premises. We will also maintain the charging equipment. This ensures a flawless communication between the trucks and the chargers.


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