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Battery Electric Vehicles

Zero-emission transport solutions


Ready for the future

More and more European municipalities are announcing that in the future, inner-city areas will only be accessible to zero-emission vehicles — making fully electric trucks an important proposition. Fully electric solutions also offer the transport sector an opportunity to play its part in helping to meet the challenges of global warming and local air quality.


DAF supplies a complete solution

DAF is a leading provider of electric trucks. We were one of the first European truck manufacturers to successfully bring a fully electric truck onto the market. But at DAF, electric driving is about much more than just finding the right truck for a specific application. Electric driving also encompasses efficient charging systems, robust electric motors, electric PTO options and more. It all starts with an extensive consultation process. One of our electric vehicle specialists will use advanced route simulation programmes to demonstrate the use of an electric truck like in your daily business: for your routes, your journey planning and for your fleet management.


Proven technology

It's important to remember that the technology behind electric powertrains has been thoroughly tested. DAF has been supplying fully electric trucks for several years now, acquiring many hundreds of thousands of kilometres of practical experience. The excellent quality and reliability for which DAF is famous, are also features of our electric vehicles.

Contargo Containerlogistiek Employee

Charging at a home depot

For distribution in inner city areas, electric trucks are the ideal solution. At night, these trucks return to their home base, where their batteries can be fully recharged. Modern batteries support a geographical range that's usually more than sufficient for a day of standard use. Electric trucks are also ideal for shuttle transport – moving goods continuously between fixed locations. Batteries can be charged while the trailer or body is loaded and unloaded, adding to your transport efficiency.


Reduced CO2 footprint

When using green energy, electric trucks can also reduce your transport operations' CO2 footprint, as well as help you achieve your sustainability goals. In addition, electric powertrains are very quiet, which is ideal for evening or night-time deliveries.


Charging systems

DAF is on hand to help you select the right charging systems for your batteries. We work in close collaboration with leading suppliers and there's a wide choice of charging stations and capacities. We also develop customised training to help your drivers get the most out of your electric truck. This is just another example of how DAF does more than simply supply the best trucks.

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These customers already drive a DAF Electric


It’s all in the numbers

It's true that electric trucks are still more expensive than their diesel counterparts, but it's worth investigating what local and national government incentive schemes may be available to you. It's also important to work out how you can benefit from lower energy costs. No matter how you look at it, an electric truck will ultimately give you unlimited access to environmental zones, both now and in the future. Quiet, zero-emission trucks demonstrate your company’s commitment to the environment. What's more, they're good for your business and good for the world in which we live.


Gert Snel, Director at Snel Logistic Solutions

“We all know that things cannot carry on as they are today. We also all know where we have to get to”, says Snel. 
“Quite how we get there remains to be seen, but we need to start somewhere and I would like to make my contribution to this.” The fact that Gert is serious about his company's task is clear from his concrete plans for the future — conversations with local authorities regarding the installation of wind turbines are ongoing. 

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