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  • 20 October 2022
  • Eindhoven

Switching to electric trucks? Choose our one-stop-shop

The full package, from electric truck to charging infrastructure

DAF introduced fully electric distribution trucks as long ago as 2017. Our range of electric trucks and PACCAR Chargers has only grown since then, as has our expertise and portfolio of services for e-transport solutions. With our complete package, we take care of you from A to Z.


PACCAR Chargers: Versatile EV charging range

The transition to zero-emission transport continues to progress. To prepare you for a rapidly changing future, we offer e-transport solutions that go beyond just a truck. We offer you a complete package, including future-proof charging stations that are suitable for almost all electric vehicles, including passenger cars.

Discover the full range of PACCAR Chargers, including the new and powerful PowerChoice 360x, which is now also available with three charging pillars.

One-stop-shop for your transport solutions

As a DAF dealer, we do more. If you opt for e-transport, we will be by your side throughout the whole process. We will help you work out how to plan your routes and identify the charging infrastructure you need. We can install and service charging stations. We will advise you on which of the available subsidy options are the best for you. And of course, you can trust us to maintain your electric DAF. It is a full package.