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Liquid transport specialist Anhalt Logistics offers its customers ‘liquid solutions’. 

In its own words, liquid transport specialist Anhalt Logistics offers its customers ‘liquid solutions’. The DAF XF makes an important contribution to ensuring the smooth flow of services to the firm’s customers. 

When introducing the CF and XF in 2017, DAF promised a saving of no less than 7% on fuel consumption compared to previous models - a promise that was sure to grab the attention of most transport companies.
Of course, such a promise would soon beg the question: is it true?

At Anhalt Logistics in Germany, instructor Ove Thomsen and driver Marco Bielefeld decided to find out for themselves if that new driveline lived up to its promise. They did so by making several trips from the north of Germany to Thüringen, a route they were used to driving with another brand of truck, which consumed around 28 litres per 100 kilometers.


Marco Bielefeld, driver
"At the start we were surprised by the low RPM’s"

Ove Thomsen, instructor
“Out of the seven different European truck manufacturers,
I would always pick DAF.”


Low revs

“At the start we were surprised by the low RPM’s in the DAF XF”, adds Bielefeld. “It was also very unusual to discover that when going uphill the truck would reduce rpm’s by itself. And then the power when it accelerated again – we were really impressed.” Even more impressive in Thomsen’s opinion were the figures for fuel consumption: “Less than 23 litres per 100 kilometres under the same circumstances compared to the other truck. That’s a difference of 5 litres!” Bielefeld: “After three days we were used to the low revs, which incidentally also contribute to the relaxed feel of the cabin. Going up through the gears is so smooth that you sometimes don’t even notice it. And the suspension is better too, as is the truck’s performance on the road.”



The tastefully designed interior didn’t take as much getting used to. “When you step on board a DAF you want to get down to work straight away”, says Bielefeld. 

New standards

Both of the directors, Heino and Thies Anhalt, are also very enthusiastic about the truck’s performance. Not surprisingly, therefore, they ordered 100 new XFs. “We have been driving DAFs since the 1990s. At the time the reasons for doing so were more of a practical nature. The trucks didn’t have too much in the way of electronics, they were reliable and the cabin was spacious”, says Heino Anhalt. “The XF has developed from being a robust and uncomplicated truck into a premium vehicle that is now setting new standards in terms of technology. While at the same time retaining important qualities like robustness and reliability.“


The charter vehicles can be identified by their white colour and subtle Anhalt logo. The customer can add their own brand name too if he wishes. At the company premises in Rehde Flehden-Bargen, the two white DAF XFs are the first to catch the eye, with the rest of the fleet painted in the more familiar Anhalt metallic blue. Far more important than the colours, however, are the intrinsic qualities of the company, its drivers and the vehicles. Qualities they will never need to worry about at Anhalt Logistics.


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