Funke Transporte

"We save both time and money"


How the PPFS programme contributes to our profitability

Funke Transporte has been using the PACCAR Parts Fleet Services programme—or PPFS for short—since 2018. As part of this programme, special parts prices are guaranteed at all participating DAF dealers in Europe — which comes in very handy if your truck requires maintenance while you're somewhere far away from home. Gerhard Funke has discovered a number of benefits for his transport company since joining the programme.

The German freight forwarding company, which specialises in the transport of live chickens and bulk transport, has put its faith in DAF trucks since 1990. CEO Gerhard Funke is clear: "Avoiding unplanned downtime saves us time and extra administration, which leads to direct cost savings."

Administrative benefits

Another benefit of the programme is the smooth administrative process. The customer receives the same payment terms and a clear invoice regardless of where in Europe the truck breaks down. Support is also provided in the customer's own language.









Far from home

With a close-knit network of 1,000 workshops throughout Europe, you're never that far from a DAF workshop. Funke came to appreciate this when one of his 35 DAF combinations with a faulty trailer broke down in Marseille. "In the past, if a truck broke down, we had to tow it away ourselves. In addition, we had to deal with multiple invoices and sometimes had to factor in a language barrier too. This would cost us three to four days", explains Funke.
With great enthusiasm, he tells us how things played out in this case: "Because we are part of the PPFS programme, it meant that the truck was on its way again after just one day at the local DAF dealer. This saved us up to 500 euro."