St van den brink

The new CF and XF drive smoothly, shifts well, nice torque at low revolutions, and it offers low fuel consumption.


The St vd Brink fleet has around 500 trucks, so it is undoubtedly one of the largest in the Netherlands. The first New CF and New XF were added to the fleet last year and owner Alex van den Brink is very happy with them. "The new generation of DAF trucks is not only extremely economical with fuel, but also helps us to retain good drivers in this challenging labour market."



Alex van den Brink - Owner

The family business has worked successfully with DAF for many years already. Van den Brink: "Both parties have complete trust in each other. But DAF's claim that we would be able to make fuel savings of 7% with the New CF and New XF was a little hard to believe. In practice, though, they are absolutely correct. We are actually saving more than 7%, which translates to an annual saving of one million litres of fuel, or one million euro."

But there is another reason why the company is embracing the New CF and New XF. "At the moment, we are finding it very difficult to recruit and to retain good drivers. Buying the latest generation DAF trucks for them makes them really happy."

Alex van den Brink

Driver Harry van der Bunt

Driver Harry van der Bunt is delighted with his new XF. He drives a new XF: "A great truck like this means that you enjoy your job more. It's so quiet. This truck makes my job easier. I'm much more relaxed when I reach my destination. My XF is fantastic." His colleague Frank Hop adds: "It's an absolutely top-quality product. You feel it. You notice it. Changing gear is smooth, the revs stay low. I'm proud of my New CF."

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