Van de Brug Int. Tanktransport BV


We have taken a big step when it comes to fuel consumption. Between the first generation Euro 6 and the models introduced in 2017, we are seeing a fuel saving of 7-to-8%. We've really seen that measurement.

For 55 years now, the trucks belonging to tanker specialist Van de Brug Int. Tanktransport BV have been transporting plant-based and animal oils and fats through Europe. Most of the vehicles in the blue-and-white fleet are DAFs. "A strategic choice", says co-owner Evert van de Brug. "The quality of the vehicles and the service is fantastic."


Evert van de Brug - co-owner

When DAF launched the DAF CF and DAF XF in 2017, it promised that fuel savings of 7% would be achievable. Naturally, Van de Brug was curious to see whether DAF would be able to deliver on their promise.

Van de Brug: "The simple answer is: Yes, definitely! To be honest, we were all rather sceptical, but the numbers don't lie. Without too much effort, we've achieved savings of seven to eight percent over the previous models. That's a pretty good improvement, particularly if you consider that our trucks drive around 110,000 to 150,000 kilometres a year."


Driver Peter Kreuk

All of the company's drivers are Dutch and none of them feel they are driving an "economy vehicle". Experienced driver Peter Kreuk enthuses about "his" DAF CF. "Changing gear is smooth, it maintains acceleration for a long time, and the drive line doesn't contract when the liquids move around in the tanks: it simply maintains its revs. That makes it absolutely great to drive. In addition, the seats are wonderful, the cabin is unbelievably luxurious, and it has a great bed. You feel like you've slept well when you roll off the mattress. I'm really proud of it!"