Career progression: your full potential realised

Career progression

your full potential realised


For over 20 years DAF trucks has been the nation’s market leading truck manufacturer and at the heart of this success is the UK’s biggest and best equipped Dealer Network, offering servicing, repair and maintenance from over 130 dealerships.

DAF Technicians are an integral part of the Network, and with the rapid increase in the complexity of modern trucks and the technology needed to keep them running this specialised trade can only be filled with highly trained individuals.


It is therefore vital that quality training is available to our Technicians to ensure the highest standard of service that keeps us market leader, year after year.

Within the DAF Network we often refer to ‘The DAF Difference’, a philosophy which promotes outstanding performance, service and passion for our work and provides a platform for career advancement. All Technicians are inducted into a culture which demands the pursuit of excellence; we strive to do everything in our power to provide the opportunity to advance, succeed and fulfil our Technicians’ ambitions.


DAF technician working in workshop dealership


As a DAF Technician you will have a lot more than just a fulfilling career. Being part of DAF is like being part of a massive family, stretching across Europe. Within this family you will be able to work doing what you love, discover your own career path, and be supported by DAF to pursue it.

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