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  • 11 September 2017

DAF delivers ‘Pure Excellence’ at RWM ‘17

DAF Trucks arrives at RWM ’17 delivering its ‘Pure Excellence’ update to the entire DAF product range, most recently its New LF series launched at the end of August. The introduction of the New LF follows the launch of its New CF and XF stablemates at the CV Show in April, and all featuring substantial updates to engines, drivelines and cabs.

DAF delivers Pure Excellence

Specifically for the New LF, and of particular interest to RWM visitors, an optional, passenger door lower window has been introduced to improve kerb-side visibility and to increase safety for vulnerable road users. A New LF City version featuring a new 3.8-litre, PACCAR PX-4 engine is also introduced at 7.5-tonne GVW with 156hp and 172hp ratings.

DAF Trucks can also announce the extension of the New CF and XF model range to include double-drive and rear-steer axle configurations. These additional models complement the initial roll-out of rigids and tractor units at the CV Show, and share many of the product enhancements. Headlining these developments is an improved payload potential of 250kg on four axle rigids, plus an improved and simplified rear steering axle for 6x2 and 8x2 configurations.

Enhanced bodybuilder compatibility

Also of interest to RWM visitors, and bodybuilders in particular, DAF Trucks is introducing new body attachment modules, crane plates, easier electrical connectivity and matrix drilling patterns to the rear of a range of rigid chassis, allowing easier mounting and positioning of tail-lifts and rear underrun protection.

DAF Trucks is also enhancing the information available for bodybuilders. Over the coming weeks, increased functionality will be added to DAF Trucks’ dedicated bodybuilder website www.dafbbi.com to enable bodybuilders to pre-engineer their body equipment thus speeding the throughput of DAF vehicles and cutting the time and cost of body installation.

Exhibits: Inside (Hall 5, S10-T11)

This compact sweeper chassis demonstrates bespoke chassis engineering to suit sweeper applications. DAF Trucks is the UK market leading supplier of sweeper chassis thanks in no small part to the custom engineering of the chassis for ease of body fitment. Specific sweeper features include a chassis layout to suit the sweeper equipment; a chassis-mounted gantry carries the exhaust after-treatment system, air cleaner and AdBlue tank which together free-up space necessary for brushes and sweeping equipment. High mounted suspension also allows for ample brush clearance.

The DAF LF is the ideal solution for sweeping as its narrow cab, compact wheelbase and large steering angle deliver exceptional manoeuvrability, easy cab access and excellent visibility.

Equipped with the DAF LF extended day cab for enhanced storage for the crew, this utility tipper is about to enter service with Eurovia’s Ringway operation in Gloucester. Ideal for utility applications, the 12-tonne DAF LF chassis is narrow for easy access to restricted locations and low-height for easy loading and off-loading. 

The fully-insulated Mackworth tipper body, with six-tonne payload, features a raised gantry, roll-over sheeting and a Red Forge on-board weighing system. Safety features include a fold-down safety rail, three-way security control on the rear-tail, side-rail protection with cycle warning boards, all-round LED lighting and Chapter 8 chevron livery.


The centre piece exhibit located on the NEC’s main entrance roundabout is a DAF CF 290 FA with rear-end loader refuse collection body, due to enter service with Grundon Waste Management. Powered by a PACCAR MX-11 engine at 290hp and equipped with a fully automatic Allison gearbox, the CF makes the ideal waste collection truck. 6x2 rear-steer and lift-axle configurations are also available in the DAF CF series, and are ideally suited to larger capacity refuse collection bodies.