• 11 March 2017

DAFcheck hits two million jobs

DAFcheck, DAF Trucks’ own electronic vehicle maintenance record system, has reached a noteworthy milestone this month after two million individual ‘jobs’ were completed and registered by DAF Dealers from its total of 136 locations across the UK and Ireland. 

DAF check hits two million

DAFcheck logs all regular vehicle inspections, servicing and maintenance work, with secure reporting back to DAF customers through emails and a dedicated DAFcheck web portal. Importantly, DAFcheck – available to DAF customers free-of-charge – goes towards compliance with the DVSA. DAF Trucks is also working with the DVSA on its Earned Recognition scheme to ensure operators can access their KPI information required by the new scheme. Ultimately, DAFcheck has a meaningful impact on DAF customers’ ability to protect their O-licences.

Further, and with the benefit of almost 1900 IRTEC accredited DAF Technicians throughout its network, DAFcheck has helped the UK market-leader achieve over 96% MOT first-time-pass rate in September 2017.

Launched in 2010, DAFcheck has grown significantly year-on-year to reach an average of 6,500 jobs every week in 2017. This year alone, over 62,000 individual vehicles have been logged and inspected through DAFcheck. 

The DAFcheck website provides customers with access to all job reports, chassis files and vehicle documents, with the facility for users to register defects ahead of upcoming inspections. DAFcheck is also integrated with DAFaid, DAF Trucks’ industry leading roadside assistance service, delivering features such as alerting the technician to the vehicle’s next inspection and to any temporary repairs.

DAF check hits two million

Tony Shepherd, Business Services Manager, said, “DAFcheck is another example of where DAF Trucks is leading the industry in terms of customer support. Two million jobs is an

impressive milestone indeed,” he said, “but a more impressive figure, I feel, is that over 62,000 vehicles have been inspected through the DAFcheck system in just the last ten months. It’s indicative of the huge DAF vehicle parc in the UK,” he said, “and the flexibility to handle non-DAF vehicles. For me, DAFcheck provides clear evidence from the DAF Dealer network, and its customers, that the DAF service offering is an integral part of their operations.”