• 15 October 2018
  • Lincoln

Denby’s DAFs break ‘magic’ 30 litres / 100km barrier

As part of its thorough and ongoing mixed-fleet fuel analysis programme, Lincoln-based Denby Transport has seen its entire DAF-only marque achieve an average fuel consumption figure of 29.96 litres / 100km for the four-week period during August. It is the first time the average for any fleet sub-group has dipped below what Denby describes as the ‘magic’ 30 litres / 100km mark.



With much of its operations carried out on the European mainland, and particularly France, Denby regards itself as an international operator, preferring to adopt the continental method of fuel measurement, with 29.96 litres / 100km equating to a more familiar 9.43mpg. All 14 DAF units – which were measured against other marques in the Denby fleet – are tasked with UK operations at maximum 44-tonnes GCW, and in France at 40-tonnes GCW. Vehicles are supplied with full DAF MultiSupport R&M contracts through local DAF Dealer group, Ford & Slater – a relationship which has existed since the 1960s.


Denby’s DAF fleet is made up almost entirely of premium duty 6x2 Euro-6 XF tractor units with 460bhp engine ratings. The two most recent acquisitions are New XF models powered by uprated 480bhp PACCAR MX-13 engines – both achieving sub-30 litres / 100km in their own right.

Impressive fuel savings

“We’ve seen individual vehicles dip below the magic 30 litres,” said Managing Director, Peter Denby, “but this is the first time we’ve seen an entire marque within our fleet return this sustained benchmark figure – and across a significant period of time. It’s very impressive and it proves exactly what can be achieved when high-powered engines are driven correctly.

DAF dealer

“Operationally, we’re delighted with the productivity and the reliability from the DAFs, and they come with the benefit of outstanding support from our local dealer, Ford & Slater – something we’ve enjoyed for many, many years.”