• 23 November 2018

We’re The Ones – DAF Trucks releases ‘ode to the truck driver’

Social Media ‘likes’ result in DAF Trucks donations to Ben charity

DAF Trucks has produced an ‘ode to truck drivers’ in the shape of a specially commissioned poem and video in recognition of the vital and often challenging work that the UK’s truck driving community faces every day. All Social Media ‘likes’ in the run-up to Christmas will trigger a 50p donation from DAF Trucks to the motor industry charity, Ben.

We're the ones DAF trucks releases ode to the truck driver

The poem, called We’re The Ones, which accompanies a video, were together produced by DAF Trucks’ external Social Media consultant, Mark Vigil. We’re The Ones can be viewed on DAF Trucks’ YouTube channel here:

“We’re the ones is a salute to truck drivers everywhere,” says Mark Vigil, “reflecting upon the challenging work that they put in, day after day, often at irregular hours. It's told from the point-of-view of a truck driver,” he says, “and repeats the line ‘we're the ones’ throughout – like a clarion call for truck drivers.”