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  • 29 April 2019
  • UK
  • Paul O’Malley, Torque Agency Group
  • New Fleet Insights Portal puts information at operators’ fingertips
  • DAF Fleet Services delivers fleet-wide compliance and optimum fleet utilisation
  • Key tools include Link & Chase and Non-contract Single Point Invoicing

DAF Fleet services to deliver real benefits for operators

DAF Trucks is focusing on its aftersales portfolio for CV Show visitors and is showcasing a new web portal that brings all elements of DAF Fleet Services into one easy to access location for users. 


DAF Fleet Services is already employed by a number of high profile fleet operators, with many describing it as a highly effective fleet management facility; able to safeguard fleet compliance and remove the administrative burden for fleet operations. 

At its heart, DAF Fleet Services oversees the maintenance of the vehicles contained within a fleet, with the the core benefits of Link & Chase and Non-contract Single Point Invoicing.

New Fleet Insights Portal 

A DAF Fleet Services portal has also been developed to simplify access to fleet KPIs. A simple, ‘tailorable’ screen enables a quick-and-easy oversight of the fleet maintenance regime, adherence to plan for scheduled maintenance, MOT pass rates and non-contract repairs allowing the user to drill down and enable management by exception

The Fleet Insights portal will also enhance DAF Trucks’ DVSA Earned recognition solution by moving it’s suite of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting to an online platform whilst still being driven by the industry renowned DAFCheck system, one of the first Earned Recognition IT maintenance systems to be validated by the DVSA.

Link & Chase

Link & Chase protects an operator’s O-License and frees up valuable resources. Vehicles are monitored daily to ensure all service inspections and legal requirements are booked and completed within the necessary time periods. Problematic bookings, along with missed inspections, are reported on a weekly basis. Detailed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are issued monthly, allowing operators to keep fully abreast of fleet performance. 

Non-contract Single Point Invoicing

Non-contract Single Point Invoicing reduces the adminstrative burden of managing multiple invoices, with the responsibility of dealing with any unexpected costs handed to DAF Fleet Services. Costs not covered under a Repair & Maintenance contract such as accident damage, defects and AdBlue replenishment, are individually evaluated in-house by DAF Fleet Services.

A single invoice, generated once a month, is issued alongside a back-up report itemising each individual charge. Non-contract work with single point invoicing is offered to all DAF Trucks customers based on a monthly payment and for vehicles under any contract package.