• 02 August 2020
  • Haddenham
  • Five new DAF CF 450 three-axle tractors brought in as fleet replacements
  • DAF CF described as ‘ideal workhorse solution’ for 24/7 operations
  • Previous excellent experience with DAF includes a million-mile CF draw-bar
  • “…a proper fleet motor for local multi-drop work, with a decent, robust cab for our drivers, and, above all, a truck that won’t let you down…” Managing Director, Nick Jolley

Freightforce finds ‘ideal workhorse solution’ with DAF CF fleet

Five new DAF CF 450 three-axle tractors brought in as fleet replacements

Norwich-based Freightforce has reverted back to the DAF marque after taking delivery of five new CF 450 ‘FTG' 6x2 tractor units as fleet replacements, describing the vehicles as the ‘ideal workhorse solution’ for its pallet operation. The fleet-spec trucks, supplied by DAF Dealer Ford & Slater in Norwich, are already in service on intensive, non-stop, 24-hour operations five-days-a-week.

Freightforce DAF CF

With the benefit of excellent previous experience with the DAF brand, Freightforce was keen to reintroduce a higher level of reliability to its fleet. The operation also demands a comfortable, no-fuss cab to suit the rigours of multi-drop work utilising numerous drivers, with the CF sleeper cab offering a durable, well-appointed workspace. The ‘FTG’ centre-steer axle configuration provides the nimble handling characteristics prerequisite to inter-urban operations.

“The DAF CF really is the ideal workhorse solution for us,” says Freightforce Managing Director, Nick Jolley, “a proper fleet motor for local multi-drop work, with a well-equipped, durable cab for our drivers, and, above all, a chassis and driveline that’s up to the task of gruelling 24/7 operations.”

Jolley also points out the role that Ford & Slater plays in ensuring uptime is fully optimised, “It’s a true partnership with Ford & Slater,” he said, “our trucks are out all week and the workshop team in Norwich is there at the weekend to fulfil routine maintenance and any running repairs – it all goes very much according to plan.”

Having established the company with DAF vehicles in 1998, Freightforce has adopted a cyclical acquisition policy with various truck marques, though the company concedes that DAF has consistently delivered ultra-reliable models, including a CF draw-bar unit which clocked over one million miles. Another 2010-registered DAF vehicle was supplied with a seven-year Repair & Maintenance contract which Jolley recalls as ‘never missing a beat’.

“We’ve always had good experience with DAF and we’re pleased that these latest CFs seem to have inherited all those robust, no-nonsense attributes of previous models.”

The delivery coincides with Freightforce’s move to a new, 4.6-acre, secondary base in Great Yarmouth from where the Palletforce operator has plans to erect an additional warehouse. With the location’s existing facilities, Freightforce will boost its storage capacity to 5,500 pallets. Freightforce is a founding member of the Palletforce network.

Freightforce is responsible for Palletforce operations throughout the NR postcode region. Following the completion of local multi-drop deliveries, trucks are coupled to step-frame trailers before running to the Palletforce HQ in Burton-upon-Trent where they are tipped and reloaded. The company reports that, following a downturn in volumes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, it has since won new business and is presently working at capacity.


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