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  • 29 June 2021
  • Farnborough
  • LF Electric and CF Electric on show at Farnborough exhibition
  • LF Electric 19-tonne rigid and CF Electric in 4x2 tractor and 6x2 rigid now available to order
  • PACCAR mobile battery-charging unit on show; one of a range of mobile and fixed units
  • “With our range of LF Electric and CF Electric vehicles, together with PACCAR chargers, DAF can provide operators with the complete zero-emission package; all supported by the legendary DAF back-up,” David Price, Municipal & Electric Vehicle Sales Manager

DAF LF Electric and CF Electric plug in to ITT Hub

DAF Trucks has chosen ITT Hub to showcase its LF Electric and CF Electric zero-emissions trucks for the UK market.

Both right-hand-drive vehicles are at Farnborough and on show for the first time since entering production for UK orders. DAF Trucks is also able to offer its own PACCAR charging solutions and will have on display a 40kW mobile charging unit – one of a full range of mobile and fixed options.

DAF Electric Range
DAF Electric Truck Range

The LF Electric is a 19-tonne GVW full-electric 4x2 rigid aimed primarily at urban distribution. The ITT Hub show exhibit was designed and built in Britain at Leyland Trucks in Lancashire and is also fitted with a factory designed and fitted PACCAR box-body. The CF Electric is available as a 37-tonne GCW 4x2 tractor for inter-urban roles – typically supermarket work and ‘shuttle-type’ distribution – and also a 29-tonne (27-tonne in the UK) GVW 6x2 rigid for utility applications, primarily as a refuse collection vehicle, and also for more general, heavier urban distribution needs.

Full details of DAF Trucks’ electric product range and solutions can be found here: https://www.daf.co.uk/en-gb/trucks/alternative-fuels-and-drivelines/battery-electric-vehicles

DAF LF Electric at ITT Hub

  • DAF LF Electric | ‘FA’ rigid 19-tonnes GVW
  • Chassis: 4x2
  • Wheelbase: 5.3 / 5.8m
  • Weight rigid: 7300kg
  • Electric motor: 260kW
  • Torque: 1,970 Nm
  • Battery capacity: 282kWh (254kWh effective)
  • Range fully charged vehicle: up to 280km
  • Quick charge batteries: 60-minutes (at 150kW)


The DAF LF Electric provides 260kW of nominal power (370kW peak) and nominal torque of 1,970 Nm (3,700 Nm peak). Power comes from a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery pack with a gross energy content of 282kWh (254kWh effective) providing the truck with a range potential of 280 zero-emission kilometres. At 19-tonnes GVW, the DAF truck offers a body and payload allowance of up to 11,700kg, sufficient for most urban distribution applications.

DAF uses Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) batteries for its electric truck range. This latest generation technology contains no cobalt or magnesium, offering operators even higher sustainability credentials. They are better packaged to provide a higher energy density per litre, while chemical make-up ensures high thermal safety characteristics. DAF Trucks’ LFP batteries come with a warranty of at least six-years, underlining the company’s confidence in terms of performance, durability and safety. 

A special feature of the new DAF LF Electric is the ‘Combined Charging System’. This allows the truck to be charged through regular power networks and is ideal when the truck returns to home base at the end of the day. Through slow-charging (400V AC, 22kW, 3 phase), the battery pack can be charged from 20% to 80% in 6.5 hours. A full charge (0% to 100%) takes up to 12-hours. If dedicated equipment is available, fast charging the batteries (650V DC, 150kW) is complete in only 60-minutes from 20% to 80%, or two-hours for a full charge.

The DAF LF Electric is available with an optional 400V e-PTO for auxiliary equipment such as an electric cooling installation or electro-hydraulic crane, thus eliminating the need for a separate generator and resulting in a full zero-emission distribution truck. 

DAF CF Electric at ITT Hub

DAF CF Electric | ‘FT’ tractor 37-tonnes GCW

  • Chassis: 4x2
  • Wheelbase: 3.8m 
  • Weight tractor: 9,000kg
  • Electric motor: 210kW
  • Torque: 2,000 Nm
  • Battery capacity: 350kWh (315kWh effective)
  • Range fully charged vehicle: up to 220km
  • Quick charge batteries: 75-minutes (at 250kW)
  • DAF CF Electric | ‘FAN’ rigid 28-tonnes GVW
  • Chassis: 6x2, trailing axle
  • Wheelbase: 3.8 / 4.2 / 4.6 / 4.8m
  • Weight rigid: 10,200kg
  • Electric motor: 210kW
  • Torque: 2,000Nm
  • Battery capacity: 350kWh (315kWh effective)
  • Range fully charged vehicle: up to 220km
  • Quick charge batteries: 75-minutes (at 250kW)


Following successful in-service trials with operators in Germany and the Netherlands, the DAF CF Electric is available as 4x2 tractor and 6x2 rigid model variants in full UK, right-hand-drive specification.

Also equipped with the latest generation LFP battery technology, the CF Electric delivers significant operational benefits over its previous battery pack installation, including a single-charge range of up to 220km and an impressive weight reduction of 700kg. The new battery pack delivers 350kWh (315kWh effective capacity) and is capable of full recharge in 75-minutes when connected to a 250kW charging station. Incorporating a full recharge into a drivers’ mandatory break will likely provide the CF Electric with full-day operational capability on urban distribution work.

The CF Electric 4x2 tractor unit at 37-tonnes GCW provides emissions-free solutions for a range of inter-urban artic applications. The truck has completed hugely successful trials with, among others, supermarket chains Albert Heijn and Jumbo in the Netherlands. Trials of the CF Electric tractor unit elsewhere in Germany have now confirmed DAF’s EV credentials regarding safety, reliability and productivity.

A number of CF Electric ‘FAN’ 6x2 rigids fitted with refuse collection bodies have also been operating in the Netherlands and have delivered excellent operational results. The ‘FAN’ axle configuration comprises a steer, drive and lifting rear-steer tag-axle, with DAF’s latest Electro-Hydraulic Steering (EHS) system on the rearmost axle to assist manoeuvrability.

PACCAR battery-charging solutions

DAF Trucks has also brought to market a full range of fixed and mobile battery-charging solutions to support its new LF Electric and CF Electric trucks. The range of PACCAR battery-chargers may also be used with other electric commercial vehicles, including vans. DAF Trucks show-stand will have on display a 40kW mobile battery-charger.

The complete range of electric vehicle charging stations is backed by a two-year warranty.
Fixed charging stations are available with power levels ranging from 20kW up to 360kW. To provide maximum flexibility, a range of mobile battery-chargers are offered with power levels from 24kW up to 40kW.

Charging capability of between 20kW to 50kW can support the daily operations of an individual truck charged during the evening or overnight.

Where fast-charging is critical, 120kW and 180kW PACCAR battery-chargers are an ideal solution for fleets operating electric vehicles on multiple routes or across multiple shifts. The 180kW PACCAR unit delivers power to charge most truck types in under three hours. The top-rated 350 kW PACCAR charger is an ultra-fast solution that can charge vehicles at full power in less than two hours or can be deployed to fast charge two vehicles simultaneously.

PACCAR mobile battery-chargers are ideal for roadside assistance or in workshops where maximum flexibility is needed in the charging infrastructure.

‘Pre-sales’ and Aftersales commitment

DAF Trucks are supporting operators considering purchase of the LF Electric and CF Electric with a dedicated ‘pre-sales’ programme to ensure operators select the right truck and charging solution to maximise the benefits of electrification, including site assessments, energy modelling, route simulation, and practical guidance on charging infrastructure, ‘smart’ and efficient battery recharging. The aftersales commitment also covers maintenance of the PACCAR battery-charging equipment.

“With our range of LF Electric and CF Electric vehicles, together with PACCAR chargers, DAF can provide operators with the complete zero-emission package; all supported by the legendary DAF Back-Up,” said David Price, DAF Trucks’ Municipal & Electric Vehicle Sales Manager with responsibility for sale of DAF electric vehicles in the UK, “Both trucks have many thousands of real-time miles under their belts and, with a truly dedicated, pre- and aftersales programme in support, ‘electric’ operators can expect the benchmark levels of service to which so many are already accustomed with DAF Trucks and its 130-location DAF Dealer network.” 



For further details please contact:

Phil Moon,
DAF Trucks Ltd.
T:  07802 612172
M: philip.moon@daftrucks.com

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