• 03 June 2021
  • Hattemham
  • Latest intake of LF 18-tonne tankers marks ten years of acquisitions from DAF
  • South-west fuel oil supplier celebrates 50th anniversary of family-run business
  • Fleet includes 26-tonne DAF CF 340 6x2 rear-steer to boost payload and handling
  • “…it has been the level of support from the DAF Dealers that has truly impressed, there’s a real partnership between us and the DAF brand.” David Ford

Ford Fuels tops-up with DAF Trucks

South-west fuel oil and lubricants supplier, Ford Fuels, is taking delivery of its latest batch of vehicles from DAF Trucks, marking ten years of acquisitions from the market-leading truck manufacturer.


Two new 18-tonne DAF LF 260s join 11 further rigids which entered service last year, adding to the majority of DAF vehicles in the 90-strong fleet. The company runs a mix of flat-bed, drop-side, curtain-side and predominantly tanker vehicles.

Trucks were supplied by local DAF Dealer, MOTUS Commercials in Gloucester, which Ford Fuels praises highly for its aftersales support and is key to ongoing vehicle purchases. The fleet additions coincide with Ford Fuels’ 50thanniversary in business, as the family-run company reflects on its steady growth in the south-west which now sees its vehicles operating out of nine depots.

Recent DAF intake over the last 12-months is made up of DAF LF 12- and 18-tonne rigids, and also an increasing number of 26-tonne DAF CF 340 6x2 rigids with DAF’s rear-steer ‘FAN’ axle configuration to deliver an increased payload potential – 18,000 litres of product – alongside extremely high manoeuvrability. Tanker bodywork across the Ford Fuels fleet is supplied and fitted by Magyar, Lakeland and RTN Group.

The company is currently investing in new technology, including the recent introduction of the ‘FuelStar’ digital ordering and delivery system from TouchStar, with the benefit of eTicketing and real-time job scheduling for drivers.

“We endured some poor experience with another vehicle supplier before moving over to DAF,” explains Ford Fuels’ Sales Manager, David Ford, “DAF presented a compelling business case for us. DAF vehicles are well proven for quality, value for money and, of course, reliability, and the proximity of MOTUS Commercials in Gloucester and Bristol – and also Brian Currie in Milton Keynes – offered really good geographical coverage. However, it has been the level of support from the DAF Dealers that has truly impressed,” he said, “there’s a real partnership between us and the DAF brand.”


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