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  • 07 July 2021
  • Haddenham
  • Freshlinc places large fleet order for New Generation DAF XF tractors
  • Fleet replacement of 40 New Generation DAF XF 480 6x2 tractors commences Q4 ‘21
  • ‘Good performance and reliability’ from existing DAF fleet was key to order
  • “We’re looking forward to the prospect of receiving these New Generation DAF trucks…they’re going to make a stunning on-road statement,” Freshlinc Fleet Engineer, Andy Marchant

Freshlinc orders 40 New Generation DAF XFs

Freshlinc in Spalding, with one of the UK’s largest temperature-controlled truck fleets, is announced as one of the first UK operators to place a major fleet order for DAF Trucks’ just-launched New Generation DAF XF tractor unit. Deliveries of 40 New Generation DAF XF 480 6x2 tractors, with DAF’s ‘FTG’ mid-lift axle configuration, are scheduled to commence at the end of the year.


The order comes quickly after DAF Trucks unveiled its New Generation DAF XF, XG and XG+ truck range at a widely-acclaimed, pan-European online launch event on June 9thstartthefuture.com. Orders are now being taken for New Generation DAF vehicles, although supply of the UK market-leader’s existing model range will continue in parallel.

New Generation DAF trucks will be built in Britain at Leyland Trucks in Lancashire and the Freshlinc vehicles will be supported with DAF MultiSupport Repair & Maintenance contracts handled by Freshlinc’s local DAF Dealer, Ford & Slater. Acquisition will be funded by PACCAR Financial – DAF Truck’s own in-house finance division.

Freshlinc has said ‘good performance and reliability’ from its existing fleet of 80 DAF trucks (in its 400 vehicle fleet), and industry-leading support from Ford & Slater, have been instrumental in selecting a new product that it is confident will deliver even greater efficiencies. The company points to a potential 10% fuel saving, increased safety for the driver and vulnerable road users, and improved driver retention boosted by a highly desirable all-new XF cab. 30 of the new trucks will be equipped with the DAF Digital Vision system, kerb-view mirror and cinema seat to achieve a three-star cab rating for operation in London in compliance with the Direct Vision Standard.

The fresh, chilled, horticultural, ambient and specialist transport provider also places great value on image, and believes the New Generation DAF XF will reflect the company’s own high levels of service.

The completely re-designed New Generation DAF range takes advantage of the latest European ‘masses and dimensions’ legislation, resulting in three new cabs which offer unrivalled space and benchmark comfort, plus improved visibility provided by a larger, curved windscreen. The new legislation has also allowed DAF to focus on aerodynamics – helping significantly to deliver a potential 10% fuel saving for operators. The new cab and a whole host of ‘smart features’ ensure the New Generation DAF XF is also the safest truck in its class on the market.

“We’re looking forward to the prospect of receiving these New Generation DAF trucks,” said Freshlinc Fleet Engineer, Andy Marchant, “Our order or 40 vehicles demonstrates our faith in the DAF brand,” he said, “with our existing DAF fleet having delivered good performance and reliability over many years. Naturally, we’re keen to see the productivity benefits of the New Generation DAF XF, and any new truck has to show an improvement over its predecessor. But,” he added, “it certainly has the makings of an exceptional fleet motor. Fuel economy and reliability, along with DAF Dealer support will be key to the success of this new vehicle in our fleet”.



For further details please contact:

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DAF Trucks Ltd.
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