• 13 March 2023
  • U.K.
  • DAF Trucks enters EV Rally 2023 with 19-tonne LF Electric
  • 50 EVs taking part in five-day 1000+ mile journey across UK & Ireland to showcase EV capability
  • DAF partnering with sustainable transport RTO, Cenex, to help promote BETT
  • “This is such a great way for the low-carbon industry to come together,” Adam Bennett, EV & Sustainability Manager at DAF Trucks

DAF Trucks powers-up for Capital Cities Challenge - EV Rally '23

DAF Trucks has signed-up to the EV Rally 2023; a five-day 1000+ mile driving event encompassing the UK and Ireland which will start in Cardiff before heading to London, Edinburgh, Belfast before finishing five days later in Dublin. The EV Rally takes place from the 3rd to 7th July, and will see around 50 EVs from various manufacturers, including passenger cars, motorcycles and vans taking on the challenge.

DAF LF Electric
The EV Rally '23 starts in Cardiff on 3rd July - a DAF LF Electric will take centre stage

The EV Rally 2023 has been designed to demonstrate the capabilities of EVs, as well as associated charging infrastructure and several clean energy projects from stakeholders keen to showcase their low-carbon credentials. Coverage of the EV Rally 2023 will feature on popular social media platforms and via live broadcasts.
DAF Trucks is partnering for the EV Rally 2023 with Cenex, the sustainable transport research technology organisation which is working with DAF on the DfT-funded Battery Electric Truck Trial (BETT) – an 18-month fact-finding study into the efficacy of EVs in operation. The BETT includes 20 DAF LF Electric vehicles now in service with a range of public bodies including the NHS and Local Authorities. DAF is entering the EV Rally 2023 with a 19-tonne GVW DAF LF Electric seconded from the BETT.
The vehicle is equipped with a PACCAR box-body, with both the truck and body designed and manufactured in Britain at Leyland Trucks in Lancashire.

The 19-tonne GVW LF Electric is powered by an electric motor developing 250kW nominal power and nominal torque of 1,200Nm. DAF’s latest cobalt- and magnesium-free LFP batteries provide a gross energy content of 282kWh (254 kWh effective) to give the vehicle a single charge range of 280km. The EV is part of a range of fully-electric, zero-emissions trucks from the UK market-leader, and joins its larger New Generation DAF XD Electric and XF Electric stablemates – available for UK operators in 4x2 tractor and 4x2 and 6x2 rigid variants.
“This is such a great way for the low-carbon industry to come together,” said Adam Bennett, EV & Sustainability Manager at DAF Trucks, “and we’re delighted to be flying the flag for the commercial vehicle sector. And using the DAF LF Electric is not only a great way to demonstrate the range and performance of the truck, but also a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of the Battery Electric Truck Trial which DAF is delivering in partnership with Cenex and a number of public bodies.”
Robert Evans, CEO at Cenex, said, “Cenex and DAF’s partnership on this EV Rally will showcase the recent evolutions in battery electric truck technology and really test the distribution of public charging for commercial and heavy goods vehicles.
“We also hope it will raise awareness of the research and findings from the Battery Electric Truck Trial so that fleet managers and drivers can make informed decisions in the future. The EV Rally is the ideal combination of collaboration and innovation that aligns with our mission of promoting and developing zero emission transport and infrastructure.”
Promoting findings from the Battery Electric Truck Trial 
In June 2021, DAF Trucks was awarded funding under the SBRI ZE Road Freight Competition to deploy and undertake research on the performance of 20 DAF LF Electric trucks. Cenex, the non-profit research and consultancy organisation focused on low emission transport and associated energy infrastructure, partnered with DAF Trucks to lead the study aspects of the research.
A key focus of the research and study aspect was to develop a website tool to promote and educate fleet owners on electric truck adoption. This website is already helping highlight learnings from the trial to help remove barriers to adoption of electric trucks.
For the BETT, including live project data –



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