Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil

90% reduction in CO₂ emissions without any vehicle modifications


DAF’s modern diesel engines are already compatible with 100% HVO, which stands for ‘Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil’ and is a new genetration of biofuels. It beautifully supports the circular economy because it is made from vegetable oils and waste fats and is already available on the market and of which use is growing rapidly.


90% reduction in CO2 emissions

The good thing about the synthetic fuel HVO is that DAF does not need to make any technological changes to the trucks and that it also does not impact the service intervals. 

In addition, HVO can be blended with regular diesel at any percentage, which importantly means you can simply top up with diesel, if HVO is ever unavailable. Unlike previous generations of biodiesels, HVO production has no influence on food production. This is an important factor for DAF to promote HVO.

When you consider the entire chain – from the production of HVO to what comes out of the exhaust – using certified HVO in vehicles can reduce CO2emissions by up to 90%. For further information, please contact your fuel supplier. 

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