Purchasing a new truck  

A truck is more than just a means of transport: it's your bread and butter. In this article, we explain which factors are important when purchasing a new truck.


How much does a truck cost?

There is no one answer to that question. The number of different types of trucks plus the countless options available to choose from mean that truck prices vary greatly. The main thing is to select a truck based on factors that are important and valuable to you. 

Purchasing a new truck

It's all up to you: when you decide to buy a new DAF truck, you can tailor it entirely to your taste. Some factors, however, remain constants. These are the reliability, durability and distinctive driver comfort of a DAF. Around these core attributes, pretty much anything is possible.


DAF Euro 6 model range

How can I arrange the financing?

Once you've found a truck that meets all of your needs, DAF is also a reliable partner when it comes to finance. With its unique financing options, PACCAR  Financial has been supporting truck owners with innovative purchasing and lease plans that can be adapted to individual needs for many years now. 

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DAF MultiSupport

Repair and Maintenance packages

DAF MultiSupport offers you a tailor made repair and maintenance solution that prevents unpleasant surprises, controls your monthly costs, and provides total peace of mind.

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Other options: a Used DAF Truck

Unsure about purchasing a new truck? Perhaps another alternative would be a better fit in your circumstances. Through DAF Used Trucks, you can choose from thousands of nearly new trucks that will deliver the same high quality service. Or perhaps leasing a truck is an interesting option? 


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dealer_locator_sales_advice Questions?

Purchasing a truck isn't a decision to be taken lightly. So get in touch with your DAF dealer for expert advice.
Alternatively, take a look on this website for more information.