DAF transport solutions for concrete

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Concrete application vehicles are defined by mixer or concrete pump bodies. Both are highly specialised types of transport with specific requirements. The rigid chassis with a mixer drum is designed to carry 8, 9 or even up to 10 m³ of concrete. Whereas a tractor chassis can take trailers with a mixer drum for 10 - 12 m³ of concrete.

DAF offers both rigid and tractor chassis, so there is always the perfect weight optimisation to ensure a high payload, without having to compromise on the water supply or the rigidity of the mixer body. Concrete pumps require a robust body attachment method and space on the chassis for their retractable, stabilizing legs.

Furthermore, the right PTO and communication between truck and body must be available in order to operate both the body and the vehicle chassis safely and efficiently. DAF offers an optimised vehicle chassis, a wide range of PTOs, application connectors and vehicle-to-body communication options for an optimal concrete pump vehicle chassis!


Thomas Beton

Transporting more, consuming less. Kiel-based concrete specialist Thomas Beton operates three concrete mixers from DAF, which are delivering some surprising results compared to the rest of the fleet.

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