PACCAR Leasing

"Our customers always get a modern, regularly serviced rental vehicle with the lowest possible amount of downtime."


“We can see a lot of advantages in the DAF MultiSupport Full Care contracts. Our customers always get a modern, regularlyserviced rental vehicle with the lowest possible amount of downtime. In addition to this, DAF’s ITS breakdown service guarantees our customers rapid assistance 365 days a year from one of more than 1,000 DAF support centres all over Europe in the event of a problem, without customers having to deal with any bureaucracy. If the repairs are going to take longer than 24 hours, we provide a replacement vehicle. Additionally, the DAF trucks are easier to sell second-hand with this type of maintenance contract and also achieve a higher resale value.”


PACCAR Leasing GmbH has been renting out tractor trailers, trucks and trailer vehicles since 1989. With around 4,000 units, it numbers among the largest rental companies in Germany. All of the approximately 1,600 trucks in the rental fleet are DAF vehicles. On average the LF, CF and XF models stay in the fleet for a period of between three and four years before being replaced by new vehicles

Willem van Sambeek, Managing Director of PACCAR Leasing GmbH