Discover the DAF solutions for bulk transport


Long distance transport

Bulk transport

Weight – that’s what it’s all about in the bulk transport sector. The lighter the truck, the more kilos or litres can be transported within the legal limits, an aspect for which DAF has its own specific solutions.

DAF trucks are known for their favourable vehicle weights and generous loading capacity. And when every single kilo or litre counts, there is always the option of choosing aluminium rims, aluminium air receivers, various kinds of fuel tanks or an extra-light fifth-wheel coupling.

Bulk tankers are usually able to lift themselves up in an angle using hydraulics and an air compressor (for easy unloading of the goods). This requires specific chassis and vehicle preparations, i.e. in regard to PTO options, space on the chassis (for the air compressor) and preparations for bodying. A wide range of DAF vehicles are available to fulfil the specific needs of long distance bulk transport.