Discover the DAF solutions for container transport.


Long distance transport

Container transport

The transport of sea containers places special demands on a truck. Flexibility is key. And that is precisely what DAF can offer in this segment.

Flexibility means being able to transport different types and sizes of containers with a tractor-trailer combination. It also means the ability to handle differences in weight distribution, for example when one of the two containers is being unloaded or when the load in a container is not evenly distributed.

Regardless of the combination’s weight distribution, the steering, axle and wheel suspension are designed to guarantee optimal driving characteristics under all conditions. The axles also feature high technical reserves, which is important in the case of partial loads or temporary overload when loading and unloading.

Container transport often means repeated coupling and uncoupling throughout the day. Sometimes up to ten times a day. In that case, specific technical solutions can be very useful. Low Speed Trailer Brake controls the trailer’s brakes independently of the truck to ensure extra safe coupling and uncoupling. Park Brake Assist activates the service brake – in addition to the parking brake – to prevent the truck from moving when loading and unloading.

In Germany, where the BDF swap system is very popular, DAF even supplies fully-equipped vehicles with multiple twist-lock-positions to facilitate trouble-free transportation of different types of containers. It all adds up to one thing: flexibility! A fully-fitted truck, ready to order at one address (your DAF dealer), built with quality in mind and ready for the road. What more could you ask for?