Discover the DAF solutions for temperature controlled transport


Long distance transport

Temperature controlled

Naturally, the same demands apply to conditioned transport as to all other trucks in the case of long distance transport applications. The wide range of vehicle specifications demonstrate that DAF is an expert in this particular market segment as well.

While efficiency may be important, maximum vehicle availability is probably even more so. After all, conditioned transport involves the transport of refrigerated and even frozen – and therefore perishable – goods and it is governed by a long list of strict European and domestic regulations (HACCP/ATP).

Conditioned transport vehicles are equipped with a refrigeration unit above the cabin or at the front of the trailer. The refrigeration unit can be powered in different ways, for example by using a PTO hydraulic pump. DAF also provides the option of an electric generator linked directly to the engine. And the great thing about these DAF solutions is that they are available for all PACCAR engines – from 4.5 to 12.9 litre.

Made-to-measure solutions are applied not only to the power requirements of the refrigeration units but also to the specifications of the chassis. It is useful to know that for tractors the position of the fifth-wheel coupling can be varied to make room for the refrigeration units. And the fenders on the cabin are designed to allow easy covering of the unique 2.6-metre-wide superstructures, as required by the guidelines for temperature-conditioned transport.