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The future of municipal transport


Meeting all requirements


Municipal vehicles often operate in busy environments with narrow streets. So manoeuvrability and safety are key features. Today, though, low noise and low emissions are equally important aspects, as the trend to smart, livable cities along with increasingly legislation is pushing up demand for environmentally-friendly vehicles.

The New Generation DAF XD and XF trucks are perfect for municipal purposes. Their body-builder friendly design is already equipped for the widest possible range of applications, from refuse loaders and road sweepers to tippers and skip loaders, and even ‘multitask’ vehicles that can be deployed as snow ploughs in winter for example. They come with a choice of quiet yet powerful and fuel-efficient drivelines, and electric engines are among the options too.

The requirements of municipal vehicles are extremely diverse. Two, three or four axles, semi-automatic or fully automatic gearbox, short or long chassis, a wide range of PTOs for powering the superstructure, and so on. The New XD and XF make it easy to meet those requirements, quickly and effectively.


Municipal vehicles have specific and demanding requirements such as:

  • Manoeuvrability, particularly in narrow streets
  • Safety, especially during operation in busy urban environments
  • Quiet operation
  • Chassis for interchangeable bodies
  • Plate for additional front attachments

Ideal crossover: XD and XF Extra Robust

All XD and XF rigid and tractor configurations are also available as ‘Extra Robust’ versions. The cabs of the Extra Robust versions are clearly based on the DAF XDC and XFC construction vehicles, while the chassis are identical to the on-road XD and XF series. This is the perfect solution for operators in the municipal segment who do not need off-road capabilities – including ground clearance and a large approach angle – but value the advantages of a robust cab that offers the lowest vulnerability. This is achieved through the dedicated 3-piece steel bumper with integrated fog lights, the standard radiator protection plate and a steel Front Underrun Protection.


Discover the applications for municipal transport

DAF XD Electric garbage collector

Municipal and Electric: The perfect fit

The New Generation DAF XD and XF can be fitted with a fully electric PACCAR e-powertrain enabling you to meet new regulations and contribute to healthier cities. PACCAR e-powertrains have been fully tested, offering robust electric motors and a large geographical range. Through PACCAR parts, DAF also offers a range of premium quality charging systems. Whatever your operational set-up, there’s a charging solution to meet your needs.

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