• 25 September 2021
  • Eindhoven

Smooth intake at your DAF dealer's counter

Whenever you visit us for advice, periodic maintenance or repairs, the staff at our reception counter will be ready and waiting to help you And that will be the same the next time you visit, even though the conversation that our service advisers have with you at the counter won't be as we work to continually improve our diagnostic quality.


Countless innovations have consistently made trucks more advanced, cleaner, more energy efficient and safer. This also mean that customer enquiries at our reception counter have increased and are sometimes more complex. And giving a precise description of a potential fault has also become more complicated for many customers.

Diagnostic Assistant ensures uniformity
DAF dealers in various countries have tested modules that allow them to systematically and easily record questions and fault reports at the counter. The result is the new information tool: Diagnostic Assistant. This tool improves communication between you and the service advisers at your DAF Dealer. This in turn improves coordination with the workshop, as well as the quality of the diagnostics and repairs.

Different intake system, better service
So, things might take a bit of getting used to on your next visit, but our service advisers will walk you through the new intake procedure in detail. The advantage is that you get immediate clarity about the work that needs to be done, the planning and the costs. We think that this level of transparency is important. You will soon also find the same customer-friendly approach at all the 850 DAF dealers across Europe, demonstrating the power of our dealer network. We look forward to seeing you soon!